I Have Met The Enemy and He Is Us

This whole AIM thing has people acting stupid, from an AIM employee using her home as a draw station Manuel suggesting that that is a good idea, to Jeremys Steeles girlfriend getting her blood draw in a car.

Then there’s the people saying South why are you pointing this out, you shouldn’t be outing them. These people don’t know me very well obviously I have always put performers health and well being above the politics, be it choking out performers or ass to mouth. I am not going to turn my head the other way when people in porn do really stupid shit, no matter who it is.

But what I will do is tell AIM how to win this battle. They have very little time left but it could be done and hey they dont even have to credit me for it.

First they need to identify the real enemy, I mean other than themselves. They think its AHF, it isn’t. AHF is powerless without the help of state and particularly county officials. So there’s the real enemy LA County Public Health people, without them AHF can’t do shit.

So its time to bite the bullet AIM. Your best strategy is to voluntarily stop testing until this is resolved. tell people to go to talent testing, they have the most experience with it until you are back on your feet.

Immediately contact LA County Health Officials at a high level and say you know what, we have problems here and we need your help coming up with a viable solution. Be ready to make concessions in the short term, be ready to issue a condom only mandate until a viable solution can be worked out, if it can be worked out.

Install a board of directors who are professionals and open dialogue with UCLA Medical School, I’m sure that as a group we could offer things that they would be interested in, in exchange for their help as well. Maybe AIM could be set up as a valid place for internships for some students, maybe AIM could encourage performers to participate in studies and such, there are a lot of possibilities here.

If you are working with health officials instead of against them AHF won’t be able to get a foot in the door. If not AHF is probably going to do EXACTLY what I just suggested, and that’s when the fat lady will sing.

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I Have Met The Enemy and He Is Us

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  1. Let me see here: A pornographer turned blogger is criticizing a porn industry-related institution for putting it’s short-term well-being ahead of it’s long-term interests, and thus ultimately being self-defeating. Well, what do you think porn is?

    See if this scenario sounds familiar: a man is horny. Instead of thinking about what he wants, and doing what is necessary to make himself deserving of it, he turns to porn – where he can get a very similar psychological effect but without the effort. What is the result of this? Not only is he still unqualified to deserve what he wants, but even moreso – because now he is even less motivated to get it (there’s a similar substitute), as well as, should the women he wants find out what he’s doing, they will be even less likely to agree to him because he clearly doesn’t care enough to have them instead of settling for a cheap substitute.

    Or how about this scenario? A man or woman wants money to provide a living for him or herself. Instead of thinking about what either can actually offer other people that will genuinely make their lives better, both realize that there are many people who would be willing to pay for recordings, which are produced by the man, and feature the woman doing certain things on camera. In other words, providing the cheap substitute for the man in the first scenario. She does this. What is the result? She gets the money she wants, now she finds that the “life” she intended to finance with it seems dull and meaningless. She is riddled with guilt – not for betraying others or some artificial moral injunctions, but for betraying herself. She finds that no matter how much money she earns, nor how many things she buys, the happiness she intended to acquire just never comes. She remains dependent upon it’s cheap substitute: the lifestyle surrounding the way she chose to get money that she never actually earned nor deserved, but simply conned out of others by catering to their weaknesses.

    Of course “the enemy is ourselves.” It’s a mentality. The short-term thinking AIM is exhibiting is not a departure from the “proper” behavior those in the pornography industry should follow, but simply the essence of the mentality all those who are involved in it – to any degree and in any fashion – carried to it’s full and logical conclusion.

    The author of this blog is simply angry that his carefully-constructed balancing act between the excuse that it’s a legitimate business trading value for value and the ever-profitable attack upon all of the personal virtues that make legitimate business possible (most relevant here: continuity between one’s desires and one’s actions) is coming crashing down into real world consequences.

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