I Am Disgusted For My Gender

OK I got kinda conned on Monday Night and ended up watching about the last 30 minutes of a TV show called “The Bachelorette” I’ve never seen one of these things before and I am simply at a loss for words to describe how pathetic these so called “men” were.

I was like are you fucking kidding me?  These panty wastes are supposed to be men?  From what I could gather they were all pissed at one guy because she wanted to meet his family so he got first dibs or something on that.  The other guys were whining because they felt he wasn’t playing fair.  I’m like REALLY?  you fucking pussies are bitching like little girls because he isn’t playing fair for this chicks affection?  She ain’t even that hot….I have done way better and recently, but since when is offering her a dozen or whatever guys to pick from based on whatever it is that passes for attraction with these attention whores supposed to be fair play?

If I was the guy who was winning I’d have said hey you go cry to your mommies because I don’t give a rats ass if you think i am playing fair or not.

Then she picks the other guys families she wants to meet and the guys she didn’t pick start crying…I am serious  grown Men (?) crying on Television over a semi attractive attention whore?

Then we find out one of these so called men is afraid of pickles…..I swear I am not making this up  he ran from a guy with a pickle.

Is this what men have become these days?  These fucking children are a disgrace to the Y chromosome.  I know porn guys with more balls and self respect than every one of these guys has put together.

If there was a real man in the lot he would be ashamed and walk off…but I guess no real man would put himself on display like that to begin with.

I am disgusted for my gender…..

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I Am Disgusted For My Gender

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  1. A large percentage of what passes as entertainment these days disgusts me. That includes both mainstream media and adult.

  2. I think women are apart of the problem as well. Nowadays guys will do anything to please women. It’s seriously disgusting. Guys will say one thing in front of women, and another in front of their friends. I think women had less power in the 60’s 70’s and 80’s so this didn’t occur as much. Now that women that pretty much equal power, guys cower to their wants and needs and feelings. Hence, guys in the age range of 18-30 has been completely pussified and pussy whipped.

    I don’t think being a man means you have to fight all the time, or kill something, but you have to show strength. It pisses me off that if you say one little thing wrong in society, people really go after you over it. If your a man you say what you mean, and you stand behind it regardless of what others think about it.

  3. @mdxxx

    “I don’t think being a man means you have to fight all the time, or kill something, but you have to show strength.”

    Why should anyone have to do or show anything?

    Watching a bunch of guys trying to act all strong and tough is very funny.

    “Ugh, me caveman. Me strong. Women need me.”

    No. No they don’t. Women being strong means the strength of men really isn’t needed. If you want to mow the lawn and be tough and strong then go for it. Women aren’t going to complain. You can show off your strength all you want by shoveling snow or putting a new roof on the house. Go right ahead. Bust your ass if you think it will help your ego.

  4. Lol saw bits as season of its predecessor played out to whittle down 30 contestants alternating victim/backstabbing roles to become successful victor for someone’s affections played out in storybook romance dates of tall tales and ‘aren’t I wonderful’ bullshit even more over the top than the stuff that used to make me gag and wish I could un-hear the crap overheard waiting on tables.

    If the guys are anything like girls on predecessor..they are so busy saying (on show & later) you don’t get it, misunderstood etc. We get it, you volunteered to manipulate & be manipulated into molding a storybook Prince/Princess Charming.

    No wonder they are so confused…storybook charm is how prince/princess roles are reserved for those who aren’t the manipulating villains.

  5. This made me laugh so hard… and then I got to the “scared of a pickle” part and I just fucking lost it…

    God, that was good. Bravo!!!!

    Let the pickle jokes begin!!! Yay!

    With that said, everyone should visit:
    It’s so absurdly stupid yet unbelievably hilarious at the same time.

  6. Actually, this also reminded me of this guy who went on one of these “shows” and then he ended up killing & cutting up his girlfriends’ body. Then he killed himself in some hotel room…
    Fucked up.

  7. Lol but of course we don’t get it…if TMZ asked he’d be all macho & say pickle phobia (is there a term for that? ) was all a put on designed by the manipulating bad editors of the show 🙂

  8. This is a joke post or television is a new concept I’m not sure which? You just did a SERIOUS review of The Bachelorette? This is epic. Get off my lawn while you’re at it. These people are cast to put on a SHOW, this recap is more what’s wrong than the actual show.

  9. You know what. I’d pay top dollar to see a version of the bachelorette or even better the bachelor produced by Mike. Without the dirty bits edited out of course.

  10. I would be more than willing to be the assistant producer for Mike South’s rendition of The Batchlorette. Better yet, have Mike as the bachelor in a version of The Bachelor where 25 cute, nubile chickies between the ages of 21 and 45 vying to star in a big-production porno quasi-remake of Jaws, the Red Snapper version (where Mike and his usual gangbang crew fuck the top five candidates assuming the winning chickies can pass a VD test) filmed on a houseboat that has a big hole bit into it by the largest Red Snapper ever to exist right at the end of the orgy scene. “Kazoo” Rob Black can have a cameo where he is fucked where he breathes by a random selection of five gay male former Gwinnett County inmates released from the local jail that day (assuming they can all “pass” a VD test and a background check as only felons may perform in this role for maximum authenticity and to take “Kazoo” back to his prison days).

  11. This post really made me laugh!…bickering over attention, crying, pickles….gotta love it

  12. So we have a producer, and a script now. Can we get some crowdfunding going?

  13. Adult video idea: Bachelor Creampie Gangbang

    Gents take turn wooing a hot pornstar. Based on their “abilities”, the lady decides the order of entry in a no clean up creampie gangbang.

  14. Hey Matthew Don’t give Rob Black any of those idea’s. He would probably enjoy a pickle up his ass again and make a porn video
    of him getting a pickle up his ass. That dude is so delusional.
    Mike south is #1 on the blog websites and Rob wants Mike’s traffic.

  15. Considering Rob’s favorite thing for about six months was to tell guys that he was going to “fuck them where they breathe” so I suspect he is either gay or bi. I don’t know about a pickle but I suspect he got lots of a certain appendage that exists only on men’s bodies up his keister in prison and found that he liked it. Where Katie Summers fits in here I don’t know but I suspect that she paid for that new set he built with John Stagliano’s hush-hush settlement money (years ago I did set construction for a theatre troupe, we could make a set look nice with relatively minimal materials and money, I suspect that set he built only cost about $1000 in today’s dollars so at least it shouldn’t have cost her too much.

  16. Matthew that is a very good idea. Yes ! You can tell Rob is Bi. Kristie Summers is Rob Blacks Beard and meal ticket for the time being.
    He loves thoughs prison house memories when the boys first broke
    him in when he got to La Tuna Federal Prison and he got no fucking
    pass. Cornholed.

  17. Danny; That’s Katie Summers that is with Rob Zacari. She will lose that suit. Evil Angel has more money than Rob Black ever had.

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