Here We Go Again Steve Hirsch Please STFU


The ink wasn’t dry on the Casey Anthony verdict before Steve Hirsch was whoring himself to TMZ offeringanother bullshit offer of a million dollars or whatever for her to do porn.  REALLY Steven?  You REALLY REALLY need to shut the fuck up, this business is in bad enough shape without the likes of you opening your cock hole.


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Here We Go Again Steve Hirsch Please STFU

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  1. I hope he can actually come up with the million if she takes his offer. Casey isn’t like the others he offered that to, she may actually take it.

  2. I admire you for being the first to speak out on this, Mike. Hirsch is a douchebag for sure.

  3. I would think that it is for a five year contract with twelve movies a year or something like that (I have no connection to Vivid and am not privy to any of this, remember). Of course with the life she was leading before arrest, she may not make it five years. With the party-girl life she had, I bet she was a heavy drug user or alcoholic. The question is if she can develop a fan base to make this contract worth it to Steve.

    From what came out in court, she got around anyway — she won’t see anything wrong with porn. We will probably see her in porn (assuming Steve doesn’t completely welch on his offer) within the year.

  4. People are having a negative impact to the verdict because they decided to convict her on the rantings of talking heads. There was no evidence.

    I have no need to see her in porn. And, I have no idea if she killed her kid.

    But, the problem here is over-zealous prosecutors who didn’t have a real case and a rabid media who decided to call it a slam dunk.

  5. Mr. Man, I have to disagree. She lied about it for months, Zanny et. al. did not exist, the wrapping for the body provably came from the Anthony home, she did not look for her kid and instead partied hearty. Her trunk smelled like decomposing bodies (once you have smelled that, you will never forget it). The decomposed hair from Caylee’s body was found in her trunk, it was proven to be from Caylee’s dead corpse. Casey is guilty as hell and I hope someone tortures and kills her. Casey is just as bad or worse than Doinkey Long in my book! I don’t know how she was found not guilty of the major charges except for bribery of the jurors (probably from a secret book deal). Jose Baez is an incompetent buffoon, the judge allowed way too much bullshit to go on with Jose and Linda Drake Burdick et. al. (who I would like to see in a porno, she is hot) arguing over things that should not have been brought up.

    What do you need, a videotape of the murder or a witness? An outright admission? That is about all they did not have. By the standards these jurors used, almost no one would be convicted of murder! May Casey go to Hell!!!!! If there were a worse place for her to go, I would wish her to go there!!!!!

    Oh, I also think Cindy Anthony should go to ass-fuck land (prison) for perjury regarding the Chloroform searches. Jose Baez should also be charged with perjury for saying that George and Lee Anthony molested Casey! If I were George and Lee, I would not have anything to do with Casey for a long, long time! Of course the same money that got Casey off will get Jose and Cindy off as well, that is the way things work here in the USA.

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