Happy Birthday America, Get Well Soon.

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It’s No Longer Adella O’Neal

As of the date of this photo June 30 she is Adella ….Ummm Married, though to me she is still and always will be A-Dell. May she and mike live long and …well you know the rest…To her knowledge she is not yet knocked up, but word is they are at least parcticing.


Happy Birthday America, Get Well Soon.

Today is Indepedence Day, the day we celebrate the founding of this country and the independence that made us the greatest country the world has ever known.

But today finds all of us at war, a war that we had better win, because our very survival depends on it.

We are at war with people who have violently attacked every single one of the rights enumerated in the Bill Of Rights.

Free speech has been curtailed, relegated to “free speech zones”.

Individual property rights have fallen to eminent domain abuse.

Our guarantees of due process have been stripped away by simply adding the words RICO in an indictment.

We now have to prove ourselves innocent, shifting the burden from the prosecution to the defense, we can even be convicted of simply not being able to prove we didn’t commit a crime.

A simple accusation of treason seems enough to be able to suspend the freedom of the press.

We can’t have a private telephone conversation because the government no longer needs a courts permission to listen in, so every conversation is essentially public.

The things we store on our computer and send to each other do not belong to us, our government is free to intercept them and do with them as it pleases, including use them against us.

Companies who provide us with so called “public services” now make claims that THEY own our personal information.

We are routinely incarcerated for being no threat to anyone else whatsoever.

We cannot freely travel, we must carry identification at all times.

We are not safe in our homes, we can be invaded by gun carrying individuals with no warrant, pretty much anytime.

The list goes on and on and on.

Yes we are at war this independence day, at war with people who would slowly strip away every freedom that this country was founded on. People who see their sole purpose as nothing more than coming up with ways to make criminals out of as many of us as possible, and in doing so have made criminals out of all of us. All the while these very people who should be subject to the laws of this country more than any other people, hold themselves above the law, and have gotten so arrogant about it that they now actually proclaim that they are above the law.

And the sad part is, that we aren’t fighting back.

So many people have given their very lives, and the lives of their loved ones so that you and I could live in a free country and today we look on with disinterest as these freedoms are, one by one attacked an conquered.

And every single one of these freedoms that we have lost, we lost because we allowed the enemy to take this freedom away so that we could be “protected”

Be it from drugs, or terrorists, or communists or whatever dragon the enemy has conjured up to frighten us into blind submission we have turned our head and allowed the enemy of the people another victory.

The enemy has divided us and is steadily conquering us.

When this grand old lady finally dies what will be the epitaph on the tombstone?

Will it say she died a slow death as a result of the apathy of what once made her strong. That she rolled over and let the enemy have their way with her until there was nothing left to take and she simply died with a whimper?

Or will it say she died fighting tooth and nail against all who would seek to rob her of her strengths, the very freedoms that gave birth to her and that she never lost faith that her people valued freedom above all else and that they understood that freedom was a precious thing, a thing worth dying for because without it, they are dead.

This country and our freedoms are ours people, yours and mine and if we don’t protect them nobody will. We may disagree on religion or drugs or sex or rock and roll but I for one will die to protect your right to believe anything you wish, even if I don’t agree with you.

We have elections coming up, lets clean house, lets tell our government, our newspapers and each other that we want back what has been taken from us, we don’t need you to protect us, we can make our own enemies.

Who is responsible for taking more freedom away from Americans? Osamam Bin Laden or George W Bush Jr?

The Taliban or your senators and congressmen?

Public enemy number one is our government and it’s time we met THAT dragon, head on, and slayed it.

Please remember this when you go to the polls, write your enemies and tell them that you want back the freedom that has been taken from you, that they are not above the law and remind them that they answer to you and only you, not oil companies, not lobbyists and not the Wall Street Journal, but to YOU.

It is time we engage this enemy before it is too late

Lest we be celebrating Happy Dependence Day, I fear we may already be.

19130cookie-checkHappy Birthday America, Get Well Soon.

Happy Birthday America, Get Well Soon.

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