Carly Milne has a new industry insider site:

Today has a SCATHING letter about someone from someone else, considering some or all are still or have been employed by the same place this is kinda interesting. The deeper question remains whether or not I should be promoting this at all, I mean if Carly starts runnings a daily nekkid picture of herself the rest of us gossip sites could see a serious slowdown in readers.

For those of you now in the know nekkid is a southern word and it is distinctly different from the word naked. Naked means you don’t have any clothes on, we are all born into this world naked.

Nekkid means you don’t have any clothes on and you are up to something. So now you know is Carly’s new site. Check it out…I always wanted to see her naked, I think we should all encourage her to take this route even if it does cost me some readers.

If anyone HAS nekkid (or naked for that matter) pictures of Carly Milne, please send them to me ASAP.

Update: No sooner do I run the aforementioned blurb than Carly sends me an email saying that Metro made her pull the thing about someone, so now it has been replaced by musings from Quasarman, who desperately needs drugs.

Further update If the preceeding makes no sense to you it is because I have been asked to remove all mention of it…sigh….the things I will do in the hope of getting a nekkid picture.

6400cookie-checkCarly Milne has a new industry insider site:

Carly Milne has a new industry insider site:

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