Where To Hear The California Assembly Appropriations Committee Hearing

Where Hear The California Assembly Appropriations Committee Hearing?

You can hear the hearing on AB1576 tomorrow HERE

The hearings start at 9:00 AM PDT and 1576 is scheduled to be fairly early on the docket.

This hearing will determine whether the bill continues towards the Governer to be signed into law.  This is where the bill got stopped in it’s tracks last time around.

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Where To Hear The California Assembly Appropriations Committee Hearing

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8 Responses

  1. @Lacey

    Wouldn’t give a wooden nickel against anything you offered in last post re AB1576 hearing 😉

    Truly looking forward to the privacy arguments especially in light of most recent amendment…image it will go something like this in the aggregate…I like sex-work and to prove I’m worthy to get paid work on film I’m willing to pony up the equivalent of a car payment every month to get tests revenue stakeholders decided are the right ones to be a doorway to keep me from getting HIV on set..since we haven’t had an onset transmission in nearly ten years I trust them to let let any tom dick or Harry look at PASS and know if I passed or failed those tests …btw Just so you know those red x’s are cuz my BF screwed some bitch at the bar and didn’t tell me…anyway…I don’t care who looks at the results of the tests I pay for if it gets me a job to pay for my tests but there’s no way in hell I’m okay with releasing my records to tell DIR when I tested for HIV or prove someone else paid for it cuz that would violate my privacy. See this itch twitch it’s from condom chaffing and now Im afraid I might get an STD that will mess with my sore red inflamed lady bits…

    Meanwhile were all gonna be glad it’s audio only so we don’t have to see the twitch as she glares down the nasty escorting whore who had the nerve to get HIV from her gay crossover BF causing weeks on end moratoria without work and another glare for good measure since the gay from December isn’t there to get his share of hate for making her linty pockets unable to pay the ACA doc who is only gonna shame her anyway or WePay that not only shames us but won’t let us beg.

  2. Shit, I’ll take that bottle of rum any day.
    I bet Mike Gatto has already has been paid off?

  3. @Ricco

    Ty..some days ya just gotta laugh. Maybe if docs and finacial institutions weren’t regulated they wouldn’t shame and refuse to do business with people who choose sex work?

  4. lol …beware of twitter rant/fights about legislators being influenced by diseased dick dollars popping out of pussies?

  5. According to Karen Tynan –
    -there are no regulations from Cal-OSHA for the porn industry.
    -Adult porn performers are not sex workers.

    What the fuck???

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