Two Big Torrent Sites Close and are now closed.  It was just two weeks ago that I had served them with notice to remove my content and to block my content from being posted in the future, I noticed that most studios were on the do not post list even though it was largely being ignored, it just wouldnt be posted if it had the studios watermark on it or if it was it wouldn’t stay up long.

I suspect these sites outlived their usefulness, and were running out of fresh content or feeling legal heat and decided it was no longer worth it.

All I can say is…Good Riddance.

46190cookie-checkTwo Big Torrent Sites Close

Two Big Torrent Sites Close

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  1. Actually Mike, these 2 sites were really good at policing themselves once a studio was posted on the Do Not Post list. Not defending them and I won’t miss them, but once they added all my clients I hardly ever had to check them again and when I did, it almost never turned up anything. Maybe that was just my experience so take it for what it’s worth and it probably doesn’t hurt that I have 45 or so studios so maybe they take it more serious, I dunno.

    Either way, it’s good that their gone. Now their users are sure to migrate to sites like Cheggit (hosted in the USA) or elsewhere, but it’ll take a while to build up another robust library like those 2 sites offered.

    Also, you should check out this story (albeit from a biased source):

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