Three Strikes and You’re Out … Leigh Raven, We Looking at You

I read a meme the other day that really struck home.

I think why this meme stuck with me so much was because it was the same day I found out that Leigh Raven who has as I’m sure you know by now, accused Rico Strong of sexual assault — accused not one, not two, but three people of sexual assault in recent history.

In April of last year, she accused a man of assault her and he went to jail. I don’t know the details, only that it was one of the three people she has accused.

In November of 2017, she took to Twitter to claim that Lily Cade was a rapist.

This is a screen capture of the time LEigh Raven said she was being sexually assaulted by Rico Strong, directed to do so by Just Dave.

Just so there is no confusion, let me show you where she calls it a sexual assault. Her words, not ours.


How many times can a person claim to be sexually assaulted?

Something to think about.


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Three Strikes and You’re Out … Leigh Raven, We Looking at You

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10 Responses

  1. Just because she keeps claiming she was assaulted and some are questionable does not mean she did not get assaulted in at least 1 of those instances.

  2. True but now who is going to believe her after so many times of doing it? Boy who cried wolf …..

  3. I agree with karmafan. I mean who is to say out of all the people she’s accused of assault, and there have been more than 3, you need 2 do better research, but I’m sure at least 1 of them could be legit.

  4. I agree with Sekhmet on this one. She may have been sexually assaulted once in her life but she has lied about it twice within the past year. I don’t put much stock in what she claims. Also, she is a overly tatted skank that even tatted up her face — what rapist wants to hit that? A man has to be able to get it up to someone before he can fuck her and she isn’t claiming rape by hand or implement (although a woman raping another woman would tend to require one). I don’t believe her.

    Sorry this is under such morbid circumstances but welcome back Sekhmet.

  5. MHarris…. tattoos do NOT determine whether or not someone gets sexually assaulted. Just because you don’t like them, doesn’t mean others don’t.
    Obviously, she must sell to keep getting shot & named Penthouse Pet of the month.
    Sexual assault can happen many times over a life time. Predators generally look for a person who has already endured that trauma due to the fact people think it can’t happen to a person more than once.
    But then you look for a reason to hate on all females with tattoos.

  6. Tattoos have nothing 2 do with it. There are a lot of chicks who have tatts that don’t lie out their ass like this bitch has done.

  7. Just reread that tweet at the end of this article. Funny how Riley Nixon will no longer speak about this. She went from saying she and Riley were sexually assaulted, to Riley not saying a word. Why is Riley Nixon now backing away from her version of events that she gave in the youtube vid? What does Riley Nixon say now?

  8. Sam, tattoos don’t completely protect a woman from rape. However, most men don’t like face and grossly excessive tattoos on a woman — including rapists. I believe Leigh probably was sexually assaulted sometime in her life. I don’t believe anyone on the Just Dave set that day sexually assaulted her and I tend not to believe Lily Cade sexually assaulted her beyond the ass slaps and titty feels she admits to in her statement (and she doesn’t claim even that involving Leigh). I am surprised any man in porn can even get it up to fuck her. Rico deserves a medal for getting it up to fuck the skank!

    BTW, I don’t hate on all women with tattoos. Mild tattoo coverage on a woman’s back isn’t a problem. Riley Reid is an example of a reasonable tat job for porn performer women. I even think Christie Stevens is hot despite her large back tat and very small bikini line tat. Skank jobs like Leigh Raven, Nikki Hearts and Joanna Angel (too bad, otherwise Joanna would be hot) are horrible looking. As for Leigh being Penthouse Pet, I think Kelly Holland was drunk off of her ass, thought the company was going to go into liquidation anyway, decided to save a couple thousand bucks and hired a skank for what she thought was going to be their final magazine cover. Skanks also work cheap in porn, Leigh probably cost $500 whereas someone like Aaliyah Love, Riley Reid, Elena Koshka or Lena Paul would have cost $2500 or more for that job. When money is short and the company is facing liquidation anyway it is tempting to cut costs to the bone for the final magazine issue and this is one way to do it. Who did drunk Kelly have fuck Leigh that was cheap — some Compton Crip, Blood, Nazi Low Rider, Aryan Brotherhood or Latin King member, Rob “Meth Head” Black, Marc “AIDS” Wallice or Mr. “Syphilis” Marcus? Sometimes you get what you pay for and Kelly didn’t pay enough for her Penthouse Pet with this issue. I bet Larry Flynt is laughing his ass off at Kelly hiring one of the skankiest women in porn to sully the Penthouse Pet name. I remember when Penthouse Pets had class and were hot! Kelly Holland, come suck my dick!

  9. I think Penthouse went with Riley because at the time everyone was talking about her and the assault and they thought it might bring some publicity and people to buy the magazine.

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