Charlotte Cross Outed Hadley Viscara @hadleyviscara as Jane Doe #2

Last month AVN ran a story, featuring a legal document naming 4 Jane Doe’s who had filed a complaint against LA Direct Models.

Charlette Cross was quick to out herself, letting anyone who would listen know that she was the 1st of the 4 Jane Doe’s listed.

Since then, Charlotte Cross has revealed the name of one of the other Jane Doe’s – which is Hadley Viscara.

Charlotte Cross has been telling a few people about the case, and in those conversations, she revealed that it was her and Hadley Viscara that first found Alan Gelbard to go after Derek to try and get out of their contracts and then the other 2 Jane Doe’s were brought in later.

It also comes as no surprise that Charlotte Cross, Hadley Viscara, Leigh Raven and Nikki Hearts are all good friends.




277370cookie-checkCharlotte Cross Outed Hadley Viscara @hadleyviscara as Jane Doe #2

Charlotte Cross Outed Hadley Viscara @hadleyviscara as Jane Doe #2

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  1. interesting group here – 2 cry fake rape from just dave and rico strong and the other, 2 cry agent is pimping them out another form of sexual assault something don’t smell right in denver folks

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