The Condom Law Now Has The Necessary Votes To Pass the Appropriations Committee

The Condom Law Now Has The Necessary Votes To Pass the Appropriations Committee

at the end of the hearing it was one vote shy, it now has that vote and is passed.


From here it goes to the full CA Assembly


104760cookie-checkThe Condom Law Now Has The Necessary Votes To Pass the Appropriations Committee

The Condom Law Now Has The Necessary Votes To Pass the Appropriations Committee

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  1. It seemed the basic message the industry was sending was that if the bill passes then they’re going to move… not all that much about health and/or safety of performers, but mainly about the threats of leaving CA and how they don’t really feel like moving… in other words, not the world’s greatest argument when discussing the health and safety of other human beings…

  2. now that we know how it turned out here’s the quick (phonetic) version from notes…appreciate spelling corrections and names for ???? and a couple blanks.

    hearing Opened at 1;33pm with Chairperson Gatto noting numerous public participants and offering ground rules for those who might not be familiar with the process. be concise, don’t repeat, repeats will be cut off.

    Hall: AB1576 aligns state law with existing Cal/OSHA
    falls below the fiscal threshold of this commitee
    fiscal cost vs medical costs
    opposition refuted by policy

    ???? for AHF:
    fiscal analysis, gives compliance tools to cal/osha

    PRO Speakers…..
    Cameron Adams:
    did what i was told, 28 day testing,
    high turnover, girls like her taken advantage of
    (there was audible outrage during comments)
    California paying for my meds, over half a million $ multiplied by others diagnosed last year is over 2.4 million$

    Rod Daily:
    Eight years condom and testing
    condoms work no other STD’s

    Jessie Rodgers:
    started day after turned 18, worked for 18 months till g/g scene injury, herpes

    Adam Cohen: Researcher not in the industry
    64%, 1 in 3 despite testing, 1 in 4 reinfected

    Stuart Johnson: Cal Med ???? “in support”

    CON Speakers:
    Karen Tynan:
    Cost of bill understated, requires development of new protocols by CDPH, annual update. DIR legal costs
    (porn) leaving & will leave California if bill passes
    conflict mixing sex worker/prostitute for legal purposes performer is not
    company’s average 15-20 employees
    20-25 $mill to Nevada
    Forced Consent, DIR, violates other health codes
    legal problems ..don’t be swayed with emotional arguments.

    Lorelie Lee:
    14 yr performer, petition with 500+ signatures, APAC
    testing system developed over a decade by performers no HIV for nearly a decade
    protocols, to meet 14 day we get tested 10-14 days (lists panel)
    ELISA vs Antigen test, window
    performers better able to react than the government
    performers hold producers responsible, outside protocol, refuse to work w/ them
    condoms designed for 10 minute use vs 2 hours
    Condom rash, more susceptible in personal lives where condoms not used.
    Johns Hopkins Report, data is deeply flawed
    Privacy – forced medical info share
    bill wouldnt increase condom use, 95% reduction of permits, illegal shooting.

    Ira Garden:
    film editor 50+ years, 39 in California, Adult & Mainstream
    3 children in business, more respect in adult
    offered three jobs this week, Tennessee, Atlanta
    travel issues, family destruction
    thousands vs hundreds leaving, money going out (vs into Cal)
    store owners & families
    Novice opportunity, entry level, learning, adult to mainstream..(loss)
    declined using speech someone offered to write, been thinking about this,Ira Alcoholic

    Stuart ???:
    San Fernando Valey, 6 billion $
    Caterer, Gaffer, Grip (ancillary services)
    concern about jobs, $ to economy, San Fernando Valley

    Diane Duke, FSC:
    Bill in search of a problem
    no HIV nationwide in 10 years
    personal lives stopped at the door
    test case in LA County w/ Measure B, industry suing County, constitutionality, condom portion
    95% drop in permit fees, 450k loss in one year
    25 mill chatsworth company to Vegas
    other studios say they will go, Hustler, Vivid, Brazzers, Reality Kings
    industry being wooed by other states, living wage jobs
    PASS overseen by FSC, medical advisory group, performers have input, Vetted clinic, vigorous list of tests, avail/not, green = they took & cleared test, red x = don’t know, costs a lot to put in place, volunteering doctors, hundreds of thousands to millions $ to state

    Michael ????? Attorney
    Burbank, 7 story building
    bill has legal issues, neither performers or others consulted, paternalistic bill harms, constitutional infirmity, privacy, liability on business in California, Privacy breech, forced consent added two days ago

    Amber Chase
    educated myself (before entering industry) vacinated Hep B & A non avail for C, meningitis, guardasil detrimental to my health
    BA in Art History, BS in ?? both with minors, Masters, Public ?
    funding mandate, $ priority re services
    (re:)studio/producer pay for test, I cant pay for others tests, film couples who don’t use condoms in personal life,

    James ???: forced consent

    Ray Ritchie: performer not prostitute, will be a law student, prohibition doesnt work, Volstead Act, Safe consensual sex, economic havoc, devastation to HIV prevention efforts (cut off due to long line)


    Joshua ????
    11 year videographer, we are not employees, work for seven different companies, moving isnt an option, son 1st cello, if bill passes uhaul only beneficiary

    Emme Clair:
    Performer, ??? @ St James Infirmary
    waste of resources, constitutional

    ??????? : violate privacy

    Matresse Madeline: condom rash

    Jesse Bell:

    ArielX : Bill is a trojan horse,


    Mev: will lose job


    Young: formed LLC, will leave and lose job

    Jizz Lee:

    Tamara: 20 year call resident

    Parrish 20 year cal resident

    Alex Chance: Forced Consent, PPE not specified

    Maurice: invasion of privacy, performer swap (affected, they are business too)

    Jason Frasier:

    Paul Chandler: (lose) best tech

    Peter Murphy:
    Plumber, (loss of customer base)

    note: no context to comments suggested, parentheses are reflect recalled this must be near book length will continue with Committee comments separately.

  3. @Isadore Hall— Thank you, sir! You are a true American HERO! Even though today’s active performers are dumber than a bag of hammers, you saw fit to ensure they don’t spread their super STD infections to the community at large by calling for regulation designed to stop their ‘slave lords’ (producers) from being able to get away with murder (literally) and calling it “the risk they (the performers) take!” I applaud your efforts and you will be in my prayers tonite!!!

  4. Hey its the last of the great former male pornstars on here.
    Nick East. You never had to use Viagra and or caverject like
    those gay boys doing your former job now.
    Keep up the good work and remember
    JOJOuslove and I love you. Try to get them to
    get rid and regulate the whoring and escorting that is going on too.

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