Scottie Ohanian of Plush Talent Spends the Holidays in Jail

Former shady porn agent Scottie Ohanian was arrested in November and remains in custody in Las Vegas for multiple accounts of theft and fraud.

Scottie Ohanian

He’s been in jail since November 16th and will be appearing again before the judge again on January 2, 2019 for 3 of the 6 charges. His next scheduled court date for the other three charges are January 11, 2019.

His charges include two counts of forgery, use of a credit or debit card or ID without consent, 1st degree burglary, theft under $650 and theft $650 – $3,500.

He was awarded bail on two of the six counts but since the other four counts have no bail, he’ll sit in jail until he appears before the judge in the new year.

We’re told these 6 charges of fraud are only part of the criminal charges he faces. There may be quite a few more identities he stole and additional charges may be coming in the new year.

From what we understand Scottie Ohanian was homeless and a friend of a friend allowed him to stay in their shop. While he was there he refiled through the business’s files and stole several things including customers personal information of which he used including their IDs and credit card numbers.

316850cookie-checkScottie Ohanian of Plush Talent Spends the Holidays in Jail

Scottie Ohanian of Plush Talent Spends the Holidays in Jail

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10 Responses

  1. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. At least in jail hehgas a bed and 3 meals a day. Better then being homeless.

  2. At least Scottie can’t fuck over talent in jail. He might also get severely “punished” by roving gang bangers while in jail. I hope his asshole is nice and loose.

  3. Can’t say that any of this surprises me in the slightest. I found out about it myself just a little bit before this story went live. I was in the process of working on my own version before this one went up.

    I don’t feel sorry for him. He got what he deserved. He did horrible things to people and he should be punished. But I do feel sorry for his family. They are just so clueless and naive to how seriously fucked up he is.

  4. Bigboutya mostly true but this is Scottie and Scottie is one brave Fatty Arbuckle who is bold. He will try to hustle Mr wrong in the slammer and end up being line trained and find god a week later.
    Seriously though I am surprised after the long list of rapings he get jailed for this ?

    I am very irked here because most of this “MeToo” lies and bullshit going on these days with allergations unfounded while Scottie racked up quite the list of genuine victims while he goes virtually unnoticed to commit more rapings. All victims were drugged, roofied and or tricked into being severely violated. Most remained silent, few took a stand but all were creditable.

    No one would Metoo fake accuse Scottie because for gods sake look at him. He is a frightening beast and a unsightly sore eye to look at. No wonder most victims just warned friends and not followed through with a rape kit and a police report.

    Wait didn’t three drop their case while he was on a 1 million dollar bond because of it getting out to the public ?

    Just goes to show

  5. If anyone wants to sue Scottie right about now is a good time. You can now serve him in jail and the good jailers in Vegas wont let him go to civil court. You would win by default

    Just saying

  6. Hop Idiot, I think Scottie will get the “ten bubba club” treatment because he is such a slimeball and likely a rapist. The real question is how long it takes for Hop Sing to get the “five bubba club” treatment.

    Scottie, at least in my area of the country the jailers would “escort” him to civil court. If they didn’t the Sheriff of the county of incarceration would be cited for contempt and get a jail sentence himself.

  7. I am a dumbass tonight. I meant Skeet, not Scottie. Maybe I need to go to bed and dream of fucking Melissa Moore, Samantha Rone and Lena Paul.

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