Riley Reynolds Recruiting Minors * Update

It’s been a while since we’ve had any information regarding the report that Riley Reynolds recruited a then 17-year-old to work in the adult industry. As you can imagine it’s hard getting information on this case as several agencies are involved and nobody officially wants to tell a porn blogger much of anything.

What we were able to find out is that there may have been more than one incident where Riley recruited a talent who was under 18 at the time. We also know that in at least one case, the underage child didn’t have proper ID, and their mother wouldn’t give them a copy of their birth certificate so Riley ordered a certified copy of it himself online.

Turns out it’s kind of a big deal to obtain a copy of a minor’s birth certificate without proper permission.

We’ve recently learned this isn’t Riley Reynold’s first time recruiting 17-year-old children into porn. Holly Hendrix who was AVN’s 2017 Best New Starlet revealed in an interview how she was originally recruited while underage and most of us, me included, assumed it was her agent John O’Bryne from East Coast Talent who was the guilty party. Turns out Riley Reynolds was the one who recruited Holly Hendrix, as he was working for East Coast Talent at the time.

Holly Hendrix

Perhaps this is the reason Riley Reynolds was fired from East Coast Talent and went on to start his own agency, Hussie Models. Well, it looks like he didn’t learn his lesson and is back to his wicked ways.

If found guilty on even a single count on recruiting an underage child to work in porn, Riley Reynolds could face serious legal ramifications including quite a bit of time in prison.

We’ll continue to keep you updated on this story as any information at all becomes available.



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Riley Reynolds Recruiting Minors * Update

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  1. I get how there isn’t any difference between a chick at 17 years 363 days old and the same chick on her 18th birthday. However, we have to draw the line somewhere (I actually believe the line should be drawn at the 16th birthday) to protect those too immature to make sound decisions. The law in this country has decided that line is at age 18 and Riley not abiding by it is risking him serious ass fuck prison time. My advice to agents is to not even discuss working in porn with anyone under 18, period. That sounds harsh but the scandal and possible legal charges from discussing porn work with a minor as an agent are even harsher and federal prison is not a fun place (just ask Rob Black or Max Hardcore about that one — the same prisons are used for soliciting sex services from a minor as for Rob’s and Max’s obscenity charges). Please don’t make this industry look like a bunch of imbecilic baby fuckers, most people here don’t fuck kids nor do they try to solicit sex from kids and Riley doing just that is asking for the whole industry to be outlawed and forced out of the US. If Riley pisses off the Department of Justice officials responsible for policing and prosecuting such crimes enough (especially with The Donald in the Presidency) they could decide to conduct an all-out assault on the adult film industry intended to force it either out of business altogether or out of the country.

  2. With the current administration we have, folks in porn need to be more careful to make sure everything they do is legal and above board. The escort business is in trouble because the govt. is using “underage Sex Trafficking” as the new boogieman to put businesses out of existence. Just look at Backpage or TER…

    All it takes is one high profile dogooder politician to get a hold of this story and ride its coattails under the guise of protecting our children from an exploitive industry of Riley Reynolds types preying on kids.

  3. I recall when Riley was trying to shift blame for his horrendous predispositions and behavior on John at East Coast Talent. John seem to just do his own thing ethically and peacefully.

    This Monster Riley is a special diabolical turd

  4. Most likely Riley Reynolds got his scouts/recruiters like Jason Woolery and this guy Ryan and His assistant Teresa Hardman to make the intial contact prior to these individuals being of legal age. He has to have a fall guy right?

    I wonder how Holly Hendrix’s court hearing in Federal Court in Broward County went on December 5th? She got busted for the drugs prior.

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