Piracy It’s Still A Problem But Some Studios Suffer More Than Others

I decided to take another look at the availability of porn for free and I found some things had changed.

Tube Sites

If you look at the tube sites (I wont name em) Again Brazzers has several sites that are among the most trafficked sites on the internet and they come up at the very top of search engine rankings. Once you get to one of them (or more) and start poking around you may or may not find what you want.

If you search on something like Pirates you will find a few but what you will NOT find is anything from the Digital Playground movies.  This holds pretty true, for example typing in Massive Facials doesnt get you scenes from the Elegant Angel release, however type in Jenna Haze facial or Rebecca Linares Bukkake and all the scenes from the movie are there in their entirety.  That one is an older title but all of Elegant Angels new releases are there as well.

You are much more likely to find what you are looking for by searching on the girls name than on a studio.  Kayden Kross, for example.  You can search on her and there is tons of stuff from her site and from her Adam and Eve days but you wont find anything Digital Playground.

A few companies are fighting this type of piracy and Digital Playground is one of them.  You won’t find their titles on the tube sites, they get removed almost immediately and I mean within minutes.  You also don’t see anything from Vivid or from Hustler.

What you do see is pretty much everything Adam and Eve ever released, same for Zero Tolerance, Elegant Angel, Evil Angel and Wicked.  Add Red Light District and pretty much all the gonzo companies, along with popular website material.

Looks like some people protect their content more than others.

Moving on.

Torrent Sites

These aren’t as easy to use as a tube site but they are a MUCH larger threat because the content is usually in full DVD or HD quality and is often a complete rip of the dvd, menus and all, in pristine digital quality.  On these sites you can find what you want by searching for the DVD title or for the studio.  But what is interesting here is that some studios are readily available with same day release of their content.  Adam and Eve’s latest titles are everywhere, ditto Zero Tolerance, Evil Angel, Elegant Angel and Wicked.

Not so much with Vivid, Digital Playground or Hustler.  Any links to titles from these companies that I did find were dead links, meaning the torrent file had been uploaded but removed.

I talked briefly to my guy at RemoveYourContent.com.  I use them and I almost never find any of my content on tube or torrent sites.  he wouldn’t tell me who their customers are but he did tell me how they work.  Without giving away any trade secrets he told me that their system constantly scans the known tube and torrent sites as well as search engines and trading forums  for content that belongs to their customers as well as for popular actress names and genres, they then identify the content and send the DMCA notice.  He also pointed out that in many cases this is automatic but that it isnt always so easy to identify a customers content from just a key word so they are manually looking for this content as well and they have employees around the world so it isnt limited to just the US time zones.  For example if a southern bukkake clip shows up on a torrent site at 5AM EDT  the DMCA will be sent  in minutes, same as if it showed up at 2PM EDT.  he said that even the biggest torrent sites respond within a few hours by removing the link.

I chose removeyourcontent because they target the torrent sites as well as the tube sites, and torrent sites were a larger problem for me, as well as everyone else.  other services I looked it were far pricier and didn’t do torrent sites, only tube sites.

To summarize this, it appears that the companies who use some form of service to protect their content are doing a lot better than the ones who don’t.  It is quite obvious that DP, Vivid and Hustler are doing this.  it is also obvious that Red Light District, Zero Tolerance, Wicked, Private, Adam and Eve, Evil Angel and Elegant Angel are not.

Now I can only speak for myself, but Removeyourcontent is working for me.  I have for sure seen an increase in customers, in forums where I participate I have had a lot of the users tell me they don’t see my content available for free anymore so they went ahead and joined.  My checks from CCBill back this up.

Bottom line, you should probably be outsourcing the policing of your content to someone who knows what they are doing.  One thing jumped out at me too, the amount of hollywood movies available on the torrent sites…its far easier to find the big new releases than it is to find Digital Playgrounds new releases.  Maybe RYC should be looking at those guys, they could sure benefit.

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Piracy It’s Still A Problem But Some Studios Suffer More Than Others

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  1. @MikeSouth1226 Read your blog post and I still find Hustler titles on torrent sites either before or the same day as the street date

  2. I regularly check the major tube sites to keep up with what is getting uploaded what is getting removed. Since I make my living from affiliate sales it’s important form me to know what is too easily available for free and therefore a waste of time to promote.

    Content owners seem to fall into four categories…
    1 – aggressively police their content and get it removed quickly
    2 – only police their content when someone notifies them about it being listed
    3 – make almost no effort at all to police their content
    4 – make a deal with the tubes to allow them to list shorter clips with affiliate links in exchange for not allowing full scenes to be listed.

    I will not promote those that fall into categories 2, 3 and 4. It’s a waste of my traffic. #4 is the one that I find most distasteful. These companies are no better than the tube site owners, making money from traffic generated by the unauthorized use of others content.

  3. In reading your words…I found a somewhat large and obvious hole in
    some of the things that you were mentioning and probably intending
    to mean.

    I am wondering…was this (blatant) “hole” not brought up or mentioned on purpose?
    …or was it simply something that you didn’t really think of and/or “consider”
    as being an involved factor.

    I am more than a bit hesitant to openly discuss these topics in
    a somewhat open forum.
    …so I am not sure about where to take my thoughts, words and
    Maybe I should just keep them to myself….or maybe I should try
    to contact Mr. South in private via direct email.

    [BTW…additional interesting content from this post was manually removed
    by just the thought of RYC possibly getting involved.)

    …..Hi Jules! (..wink wink and wavey wavey!)

  4. I suspect I know the hole you mention and it was intentionally left out so as not to bring more attention to it. Most people have NO idea about it and even less of an idea how to use it, and the ones that do know arent going to buy anyway.

    It isnt really likely to remove all your content at any given moment from the net, however the next best thing is making it so hard to find that its easier to simply buy or rent it.

    The porn biz is changing…used to be video stores was where most people got their porn, that is simply no longer the case and the companies that cant adapt to that will die.

  5. As for the “hole” unless you used the net before Mosaic you have no clue about it and could not figure out how to use it if they tried. Tho, porn is there I don’t know anyone who uses it for porn.

    I use it to get TV shows from around the world that are not available on Canadian TV for personal use which is not illegal under the current Canadian law, of course if I sold a copy it would be totally illegal.

  6. We use Nate but Removeyourcontent also works on our X-Play titles that fall under the LFP/Hustler distribution umbrella. Our stuff is constantly popping up and then getting taken down but since many companies do not police their piracy at all the problem continues to be massive.

    The bigger problem is that even if you can remove all of your own pirated content, the fact that there is so much content from other companies available for free the average guy doesn’t need yours he just wants to see a pair of boobs, a pussy and some sex. He or she doesn’t care what they are watching as long as they get off. The people that want to watch our parody movies for example have less options online for free but we are still being ripped off daily but it is less then it would be if we sat back and did nothing.

    However, most guys don’t need to see a specific sitcum or and that is why we are truly being hurt everyday by this plague. The government wimped out long ago and there seems to be no stopping this anymore and we are truly in a major delivery transition and I wish I was smart enough to figure out the future but I’m not so I am still caught with one foot in the old school and am trying to place my other foot on solid ground in an unknown future. Hopefully we will sell a lot of Not M*A*S*H XXX when it comes out August 10th because I enjoy this business quite a bit.

  7. You are right Jeff and the part that really makes me sick are the guys in our business who are selling us out by doing business with these guys.

    If we had any balls in this biz guys like Jules Jordan wouldn’t even THINK of getting into bed with tube site owners for fear that he would wake up with a horses head in his bed…instead of a horses ass.

    But I suspect he is going to get whats coming to him someday

    scumbags always do….

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