Michael J. Pratt is a Fugitive on the Run!

I know that another author has already written an article about the GirlsdoPorn criminal indictment. But I really just want to say something because I’m so happy this is finally coming to light.

Michael J. Pratt is a fugitive

Michael J Pratt owner of girls do porn
Michael J Pratt

While his little rapist buddies were all arrested on Tuesday, and this I’m happy about, Michael J. Pratt is still at large and a wanted criminal.

He not only fled the country during his civil trial, but he also transferred large sums of money into an offshore account that his when his victims won the civil trial that has been going on for the last 8 weeks, could not collect.

Let there be no confusion, these are the actions of a criminal. He ran away. He didn’t face his accusers, he ran like the little coward that he is.

The FBI is encouraging any additional victims of the crime to call the San Diego office of the FBI at 858-320-1800 to tell their story.

If you are from New Zealand or Australia and happen to know his whereabouts, be sure and contact the FBI. You may get a reward.

517100cookie-checkMichael J. Pratt is a Fugitive on the Run!

Michael J. Pratt is a Fugitive on the Run!

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  1. He won’t stay hidden for long. The question is if New Zealand and Australia have extradition treaties with the US?

  2. Australia does. If I read correctly, New Zealand is more limited. Money laundering is an extraditable offense. One of only two such offenses, the other is racketeering.

    He should have went to Cambodia.

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