John T Bone Arrested in Philippines

John T Bone has been having problems lately that’s for sure. A couple of weeks ago he was he was reportedly beaten pretty badly in his current residence in Angeles City, Philippines. This is unconfirmed but shortly after his bar there Casi Cielo was raided by the Philippines version of the FBI.  That is confirmed.  Reports that he was in jail as a result were false.

That has now changed. Word I’m getting out of the Philippines is that T Bone is now in custody and he and his philipino wife have been charged with “human trafficking” and are being held without bail.

In the Philippines that means that he had hired underage girls to work as prostitutes in his bar. T Bone is no stranger to legal troubles in Southeast Asia, he had run ins with Thai authorities on three occasions and is persona non grata in Thailand.  He dodged those bullets.

The part about T Bone being in jail is unconfirmed but my source is generally pretty good on these matters.  The website for T Bones bar is down. More as this develops.

32030cookie-checkJohn T Bone Arrested in Philippines

John T Bone Arrested in Philippines

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  1. Well I for one am glad to hear that he is still alive. I was just talking about him the other day since I had not heard from him in a couple of years. I know many of you have negative opinions of him and I am sure they are warranted and if he was moving underage girls then he deserves his fate but I had great times with John in the US and also in Brazil when I first began shooting movies a number of years ago and also ironically over two decades ago when I first scored music back in the 80s for a few of T-Bone’s feature movies after getting my start working for Roy Karch supplying him music. (A little better than the ‘chicka chicka bow wow’ variety you might be thinking but not by much lol)

    John has always been quite an interesting and colorful character and lived a life that was mostly out of sync with what many of us might consider ‘normal’ but he lived a very adventurous life filled with plentiful amounts of women, wine, great food, laughter and worldly destinations. I for one hope that he is OK as a prison cell over there must be a terrible place to be but he always lived life on the edge.

    I was never on the bad side of a business deal with him so I might have a totally different opinion if I had been. I remember when the late wonderful Chloe Jones was with us in Brazil on one crazy trip and she had a terrible bout with her epileptic seizures, John was right there with us the entire night at the hospital working out the financial and medical arrangements in Sao Paulo and making sure she was well taken care of. So there is definitely a good side to John that maybe not everybody saw especially when he was rubbing some the wrong way which I have learned was often. Anyway, long enough post here but I am glad to hear he is still alive. T-Bone came from a different era of porn than the one we live in. I often think the old illegal days were more exciting and romantic in the classic sense of the word than what we have now. Just reading about Jamie Gillis and his zest for life makes me almost think I’m missing something special today but the old guard were a different breed that’s for sure. I wish John well.

  2. John T Bone… I remember that name. I think he was one of the first people I met in the industry. I vaguely remember some casting call situation, getting a two-second vibe from him, and then just leaving. Yeah… I showed up for some kind of audition hiring situation in a dinghy place and just left before anything happened. It was 1998. I wish I could recall the actual details! Seems like it’s actually a pretty interesting story, except that I cut out pretty fast. lol I think we had some kind of altercation. One of those, “Well, this is what I need,” vs. “Well, I don’t need this,” kind of things. I’ll have to stew on that a bit and try to dredge up some details. Yep. I remember a quick conversation and then I bailed. Thought he was a real jerk.

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