Ira Isaacs Sentenced To 4 Years in Jail, Probation and Fines


The judge called him a disgrace and sentenced him to 48 months in a prison, 3 additional years of probation and about 12,000 dollars in fines.  He reports to jail on Feb 19.  This is the harshest sentence I can ever recall in an obscenity case. Nobody from AVN  was present at the sentencing. Xbiz was there though.


71320cookie-checkIra Isaacs Sentenced To 4 Years in Jail, Probation and Fines

Ira Isaacs Sentenced To 4 Years in Jail, Probation and Fines

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  1. The fact that our government is wasting more tax dollars on putting this guy in prison is insane. People should write their representatives and the judge and strongly complain that this type of prosecution needs to stop. The guy is most likely a filthy creep but does he really deserve to be thrown in jail on obscenity charges? We are not living in the dark ages anymore and I love this country but sometimes I am ashamed of my government.

  2. Just imagen how well FSC well be doing sueing over condom law after this case. It may not be wise at all for porn inusdrty plan hopes and prayer now on Ca court system.

  3. The sentence is harsh, but I think it may be in keeping with reasonable levels here, especially when compared with Max Hardcore, as an example.

    Moreover, it sets an “outlier” for us to look at, a flag pole so far off the field of regular porn that we can all benefit from knowing that at least THAT isn’t going to be tolerated, at least for the moment.

    That it was a tough case, a tough prosecution, and something that took a lot of time and money perhaps makes it legally much safer to be playing in the normal fields of porn, as they are less likely to be considered obscene, especially when compared to this stuff.

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