Hunter Biden is Father of Ex-Stripper Lunden Alexis Roberts’ Child, Judge Rules

Lunden Alexis Roberts danced at a strip club Biden frequented while dating his brother’s widow

Hunter Biden will be officially recorded as the father on the birth certificate of the 17-month-old he sired with a stripper, the judge in his child-support case in Arkansas ruled on Tuesday.

Judge Holly Meyer officially deemed Biden, 49, “the biological and legal father,” of Lunden Alexis Roberts’ baby, who was born in August 2018.

Hunter Biden is Father of Ex-Stripper Lunden Alexis Roberts' Child, Judge RulesRoberts, 28, worked at the Mpire Club in Washington, D.C., under the stage name “Dallas.” She was employed at the club around the time she got pregnant, in early 2018. Biden reportedly broke up with Hallie Biden, who was married to his later brother, Beau Biden, in late 2017 or early 2018.

“The Arkansas Department of Health shall issue a new or substituted birth certificate listing Lunden Alexis Roberts as the mother and Robert Hunter Biden as the father,” Meyer wrote in her order, filed in Independence County Circuit Court.

DNA test results had showed “with near scientific certainty” that Biden fathered the kid, Meyer noted.

The son of former Vice President Joe Biden initially denied paternity in the case until a DNA test proved he was the baby’s dad, according to court papers.

The child was previously referred to as “Baby Doe” in court papers, but was identified by the initials “NJR,” in Meyer’s order.

In a separate order, the judge awarded “primary physical and legal custody” of the child to his mom, who, as The Post exclusively revealed in November, was a stripper at a Washington, DC, club Biden once frequented.

Biden “shall have visitation with the child as agreed between the parties,” Meyer ordered.

Hunter Biden is Father of Ex-Stripper Lunden Alexis Roberts' Child, Judge Rules
Hunter Biden (right) and wife Melissa Cohen (left)

Hunter Biden, a California resident, is currently expecting his fifth child with 32-year-old wife Melissa Cohen Biden. He has three other children with ex-wife Kathleen Buhle.

The judge also issued a further protective order to one already existing in the case, protection that had been sought by Biden, most recently in a motion filed Tuesday.

The order is meant to protect personal financial information provided by the parties. Biden has argued in seeking protection that other parties want to make political use of it. Roberts’ attorney has argued Biden hadn’t fully complied with earlier orders on providing the information.

The judge said failure to seal the information would further delay the case. She also ordered that depositions taken in the case (out-of-court sworn testimony) should be sealed. The judge didn’t specifically limit questioning in the discovery process but observed that child support is the only matter remaining to be decided in the case. Anything “germane to child support may be inquired into in discovery and not those matters unrelated to child support.”

Biden and Roberts, 28, are due in court Jan. 29 for a pre-trial hearing in the child support case. A second pre-trial hearing is scheduled for March 13.

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Hunter Biden is Father of Ex-Stripper Lunden Alexis Roberts’ Child, Judge Rules

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  1. Is the Lunden Roberts featured in this article related to Kelli Roberts by any chance? If so, maybe Lunden will be taking a stroll into Pornoland very soon. Maybe her first scene can be for DogFart taking five of the biggest gang banger dicks available from Compton and East Los Angeles. Oh, maybe she is kinky and would prefer an Insex scene where Daniel Intraub suspends her from her wrists and canes the hell out of her ass and thighs. Of course, there are a few California directors that are requiring (probably illegally) that their talent be an LLC so unless she wants to stick to Nevada or Florida based companies she will need a higher intelligence level than a poodle to manage to form that LLC and work (at least until the CA legislature and governor push through a bill banning the use of LLCs to avoid paying via payroll and having all taxes withheld if the person would otherwise be an employee via the Dynamex state SC decision — I predict that will take about six months).

    It sounds like the stripper has Hunter Biden bent over a proverbial barrel and will take him for thousands of dollars each month until the poor pawn in this (the kid) graduates HS or turns 18. Let’s just say Lunden won’t need to strip for the next 17-18 years.

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