GirlsDoPorn Being Sued For Millions, Girls Claim That They Were Even Threatened.

I have heard this GirlsdoPorn story about a million times it seems like…

“Four young women say they were cajoled into appearing in pornography by men who promised that the videos would never be posted on online or distributed in the United States.

Michael J Pratt owner of girls do porn
Michael J Pratt

But the videos did go online, on, where they were seen by the women’s friends and family, the four Jane Does say in their lawsuit in Superior Court.

Worse still, the men leaked their true names and contact information, including email and social media addresses, to another Internet site, and strangers then harassed them as “whores” and “sluts,” according to the June 2 complaint.”

Every time it comes up GirlsDoPorn lawyers up and sends threatening letters to anyone, myself included who writes about the accusations, this time they can’t do that because they have been formally sued.

“The women seek at least $500,000 apiece from and the three men they say run it: owner Michael J. Pratt, principal actor Andre Garcia and videographer and sales agent Matthew Wolfe, all of San Diego County.

The women also sued nine related businesses, on 14 causes of action, including sexual battery, gender violence, false imprisonment and fraudulent concealment.”

Here is the story from …

” The 23-page lawsuit tells a depressing tale. The women say the defendants advertised on Craigslist and other online sites for young women who want to break into modeling. The men then conned them into making pornography with promises of thousands of dollars in cash, according to the complaint.
“The defendants assure them that they will not post the video online, they will not distribute the video in the United States, and they will keep each woman anonymous,” the complaint states. “The defendants represent that the videos will be on DVDs overseas and for private use.”
The men then brought them to San Diego, took them to high-end hotels and coerced them into signing documents, “often yelling at them that there is no time to read,” the women say.

If the women resisted during filming or said they were in pain, they say, the men yelled at them and refused to let them leave. They say they were “confined in the hotel room and forced to film and have sex for many hours.”

“Even worse,” they say, “the young women are sometimes forced to have sex when not filming — to appease the ‘actor,’ most often Garcia.”

Jane Doe No. 1 says she was promised more than $9,000 to appear in three videos.

Jane Doe No. 4 says she was promised $2,000 and paid just $400, because the defendants switched out the middle of a stack of $20 bills with $1 bills.

Things got “unimaginably worse for the young women” when the videos were posted online and seen by their friends or family. Jane Doe No. 1 says her videos were “discovered by her high school, college and graduate school acquaintances — as well [as] her family.” Then came the harassment from people who had found their identities online.

When they tried to complain, they found that the defendants’ phone numbers had been changed.

Some women ensnared by the defendants attempted suicide, the women say.

“Jane Doe No. 4 became depressed, could not leave the house, was blackmailed, and her car was vandalized.”

In addition to $500,000 in compensatory damages for each women, they seek punitive damages for claims that include intentional and negligent misrepresentation, intentional infliction of emotional distress, misappropriation of name and likeness and breach of contract.

Here are the defendants:; Michael Pratt; Andre Garcia; Matthew Wolfe; BLL Media Inc.; BLL Media Holdings LLC, a Nevada limited liability company; DOMI Publications LLC, a Nevada limited liability company; EG Publications Inc.; M1M Media LLC; Bubblegum Films Inc.; Oh Well Media Limited; Merro Media Inc.; Merro Media Holdings LLC, a Nevada limited liability company.”

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GirlsDoPorn Being Sued For Millions, Girls Claim That They Were Even Threatened.

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  1. And, here is why a porn union will have a very difficult time succeeding. I cannot imagine GirlsDoPorn, or any other website that features amateurs or girls who are brand-new to the business, agreeing to anything that a union might propose in the way of protections for talent or age limits (although, ironically, male talent often wears a condom). They will always be an avenue into the business. This does not – and cannot – happen in mainstream because you can’t get distribution for your product if you don’t use union actors, directors, producers and writers – and there aren’t that many non-union venues for technical people. As long as there are high school and college age girls who think that porn will be their ticket to fame, fortune, and maybe cross-over stardom, you’re going to have producers who will pay them $500 to take their shot.

  2. Now, the fact that The Union was the first thing that came to your mind, though we were not mentioned at all, says that A Union is exactly what we do need.

    It’s not going to be easy,, and we have a long road ahead of us. But Together this industry can make this work because this is needed now more then ever!!

    Thank you for thinking of us 😉

    Go Union!

    Joining now is free!

  3. I have never liked GDP. They get some of the hottest, clean looking girls (minimum of tattoos and piercings) and they don’t know how to shoot the scenes. Its like amateur hour for whoever is directing and producing the scenes. Almost as if college frat boys run the site. No surprise that they are unethical in their business dealings as well with the female talent..

  4. These allegations bother me, Mike. I love GDP: the girls genuinely seem to be first-timers and mostly girl-next-door. Granted, it wouldn’t hurt to mix up the interview segment, positions and camera work, but I’m willing to overlook it because the girls are so pretty.

    After your last piece on this company, I actually cancelled my subscription because I could never support something where the girl felt forced.

    I do have to say though: the scenes usually have before/after footage where the girls affirm that they’re into it.

    Sure you could say it was faked or they were forced to say that, but what more can a production company do? I think at some point the girls need to take some responsibility for their decisions.

    I guess in my mind there’s a difference between someone being forced to do something she never wanted to, and someone making a decision on her own and then regretting it afterwards, if that makes any sense.

  5. Like you it bothers me as well but remember that they havent been convicted yet. I am not saying that the claims dont have merit just that they havent had their day in court. In the end things like this tend to change the way people do business, maybe it will compel them to clean up their act if it indeed needs cleaning up

  6. Oh no. Not another Garcia? Could it been Roy Garcia?
    But another great post by Mr. South.
    Keep up the good work.

  7. Welp, let me see: 1. “Forced to have sex”-NOPE, this would be rape which could carry a life sentence. 2. “Refused to leave”-Nope, this would be false imprisonment which could carry a lengthy prison sentence. 3. “Promised more than $9,000”-OK, this is possible but only a fool would believe they can get 3K a scene. 4. I laugh at the $400 payment in lieu of $2K, still possible. 5. “They were promised the videos would not be posted online”-Only the stupidest fool in the entire world would think they were getting paid to shoot a high quality sex/porn scene with professional lighting, HD cameras, faces slathered with tons of makeup etc., and that it would not be posted online.

    I remember that one girl about 2 years ago claimed she was coerced into shooting a porn scene for GDP. Remember, she was the girl that flew across country alone and then claimed she didn’t know what she was getting herself into? She made a bunch of excuses for her actions but it was obvious that…..

    Porn whores lie.

  8. NormalAndSane will sue me for stealing his moniker, but let’s get normal and sane. First, I have no idea whether any of these allegations are true or not and don’t mean to imply that they are (or that they’re not). Like Mike and NAS, I’m bothered as well and worry a little about buyer’s remorse, especially when you’re talking about girls who are 18 to 22 years old and, having watched a few GDP vids, aren’t always the brightest bulbs in the world. That said …..

    There is a difference between criminal and civil charges. One is the level of proof required in a court of law – in a criminal case, where a prosecutor would bring a charge of rape and false imprisonment, the standard of proof is beyond a reasonable doubt, the bad actors go to jail if convicted and the victim …… gets nothing but the satisfaction of putting the bad guys away. If you’re a young girl from out of state, as many of these girls are based on their interviews, you have to find a prosecutor who is willing to bring charges to a jury after the young thing signed a contract and was possibly paid – and, she is going to have to significantly disrupt her life to come to the jurisdiction where the trial is being held to get …. Nada.

    Meanwhile, a civil case needs a preponderance of the evidence – defined as “more likely than not” that the bad thing happened or 51% chance that it happened – just beyond 50/50. Civil cases are about contracts gone bad when money has changed hands, or was supposed to have changed hands and didn’t. And, if the bad guy loses, the verdict requires the payment of funds to the person who was taken advantage of.

    If any of these allegations are true, they fit the bill of a civil case.

    Now do “porn whores lie?” Absolutely. Is it the teeniest bit possible that porn producers who have just spent money flying someone across country, renting a hotel room, and hiring a crew might, oh, I don’t know, stretch the truth to coerce someone into shooting a scene, by saying something like: You’re so pretty, you can make thousands. If you want to get into porn, you can be the next Jenna Jameson. What are you worried about? No one will see this.

    As to “only the stupidest fool in the entire world would believe they can get 3K a scene,” remember you’re talking 20 year olds who have no experience in the business world, don’t have agents, so have absolutely no idea whatsoever what they should get paid to allow themselves to get filmed, and, if they’ve watched any interviews with porn starlets at all, what they’ve heard is: My life is so fabulous now. I’m making so much money in porn, I couldn’t be happier. If Angelina Jolie gets $25 million to make a movie, why shouldn’t they get a couple of grand to screw someone on camera?

    Put another way, why would anyone believe the ads that read: Make thousands working from home (Or Trump University saying you can become a millionaire real estate mogul if you just pay $30,000 to Trump University)? But, millions buy into it.

  9. I am sure there are plenty and I mean PLENTY of pretty airhead girls in this country that are innocent (or foolish) enough to believe people that tell them as BT says:

    “Is it the teeniest bit possible that porn producers who have just spent money flying someone across country, renting a hotel room, and hiring a crew might, oh, I don’t know, stretch the truth to coerce someone into shooting a scene, by saying something like: You’re so pretty, you can make thousands. If you want to get into porn, you can be the next Jenna Jameson. What are you worried about? No one will see this.”

    In their little shitburg home town they are the darling of their town. The most popular girl in their high school and someone comes along and says he can make them famous? You bet your ass they will reel in a few fishes that way.

  10. No matter how airheaded they are in this country they are all very savvy with their smartphones and grllfriend network. Gaarraanntteeeddd they did a google search to see how much a porn whore gets for one scene..and how much $$ they can snatch for doing that one scene and parlaying it into escort/Pro work.

    When these brainiacs don’t get that 2 grand a nite(3 day work week x 2K = 6 thousand dollars a week! You go grrllllfriend!) being a high class porn escort/Ho’ then they get together and go another silly/unrealistic angle to get money for virtually nothing. They gaggle together and hire a lawyer expecting they all will get AT LEAST half a million dollars(more, more, more. we’ll take more if you give it to us!). “Um, yeah..we were FORCED into, yeaahhh, we were told our sex scenes were going to be put only on DVD and sold only in Scandanavia. Yeah, that’s what they told us and they also promised us thousands of dollars per scene! Noooo, I can’t produce one single shred of paper or contract where it says I was to be paid NINE THOUSAND DOLLARS. But they promised me the moon and the stars and all I got was $400!!!”

    I’m not a defender of GDP but I seriously doubt these gals were coerced at all. They may have been shortchanged but coerced? Forced? Gimme a break.

  11. Most of the porn performers I have known, men included, were at one time coerced to do something they didn’t want to do on set. I am a former performer myself. I made a future years ago outside this industry and as a producer for some time but if you are calling them whores while defending the producers and insinuating at how dumb all of the girls are you are not doing much for your case of innocence. Either way there are still items like the Mann Act, and whether or not they knew what they were getting themselves into is null. Either way we will see what happens, but I have a feeling everything fell somewhere in between, and that still isn’t very good.

  12. “Either way we will see what happens, but I have a feeling everything fell somewhere in between, and that still isn’t very good.” Tilmans has this exactly right. Remember that this is a civil case and not a criminal case. As such, guilt or innocence beyond a reasonable doubt is not the standards. It’s whether its more probable than not that something happened. Girls being naïve – or, the way porn fans like to refer to them as stupid whores – can work against the producers, who may look like they’re preying on girls who are too young to know what’s good for them. One of the things that is being overlooked in the commentary is that, at least according to the reporting, there are some facts that can be verified. One is how GDP advertises – if, as the reporting alleges, they’re advertising on sites like Craigslist for “models,” and not for girls who want to break into pornography, they’re going to be on the defensive right out of the gate because it looks like a bait and switch.

    Again, I know nothing whatsoever about what happens in this instance and am not implying guilt or innocence. Just saying that if your business model is to advertise for one thing and then, when the conversation gets real, say that its really for something else, it doesn’t look good.

    And yes, the Mann Act is still in effect, but that’s for criminal matters. No one is alleging a crime.

  13. “…because the defendants switched out the middle of a stack of $20 bills with $1 bills.” Ha! There ARE assholes who will try this shit, hordes of them. I’ve worked in stripclubs 17 years, and I’ve seen lameass dipshit hustlers (including male & female staff members) try every trick in the book to score some pussy, money, or both from the presumably gullible female talent. Whether these guys in question actually did so is not something I could make an educated guess about, since I wasn’t there, never met the guys, and haven’t even watched one of their videos yet–despite the fact that there are forums where I can download several hundred of the damned things for free. Because the videos are obviously lame, just from what I saw of the preview pictures. BT, your summary of the situation is extremely cogent. Well done. The only thing I would add is: where there’s smoke, there’s probably some kind of fire. Despite the teeming hordes of disgusting vermin known as lawyers, ready and willing to use pliable women to rake in insane profits from hustling them into a courtroom as easily as they were hustled into sucking some rude motherfucker’s dick; and despite the propensity for scheming bimbos to lie, cheat, and then cry to the authorities in order to make a few extra dollars, if these guys at GDP treated each and every model with respect and courtesy, I doubt very much we’d be seeing this lawsuit.

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