Former Adult Industry Agent Scottie Ohanian Accepted Plea Deal in Forgery Case

Scottie Ohanian a former adult industry talent agent has now accepted a plea deal in his case in Nevada of which the 38-year-old was arrested for last November.

Scottie Ohanian who also went by the name Scottie Platnium was sentenced this month and is scheduled to be released on June 5, 2019, as a part of his deal with the Clark County district attorneys office. Despite being arrested on six charges in Las Vegas in November of 2018, he accepted a deal for only one count of Attempted possession of documents and/or a person’s ID in an attempt to commit forgery or counterfeit.



His original charges where Forgery (2 counts), Theft (2 counts) one for less than $650 and the other for $650-$3500, Burglary in the 1st degree, and Use of Credit or Debit Card or ID without consent. Had he not taken the deal, he faced more than fifteen years in prison.

It should be noted that while he sits in jail in Nevada, he is still wanted for questioning for an unrelated crime back in Los Angeles. We’ll have to see how that plays out after he gets out of jail in Vegas in June.


394120cookie-checkFormer Adult Industry Agent Scottie Ohanian Accepted Plea Deal in Forgery Case

Former Adult Industry Agent Scottie Ohanian Accepted Plea Deal in Forgery Case

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6 Responses

  1. He looks like the soft marshmellow guy that gets his shit pushed in while in jail if he is not careful. Just don’t drop the soap dude!

  2. Within a week or two after his release he’ll be back in business repping braindead “models.”

  3. I think LA County will send defectives to interview Scottie ASAP once they find out where he is if the case is anything other than a misdemeanor.

    Further more, I also think Scottie’s asshole will prolapse for life because of his “experience” in the Clark County Detention and Ass Rape Center. Scottie getting off so easily in court will piss off Ass Rape Center guards and they will make sure Scottie gets gangbanged by HIV positive inmates nightly and also make sure he leaves the Ass Rape Center with every possible strain of AIDS. If anyone talks to Scottie while he is incarcerated in the Ass Rape Center make sure to tell him don’t bite any dicks (if he does he won’t have any teeth left in his mouth after he is force-fed a fist or two), swallow all cum and don’t drop the soap. If Scottie decides to attempt to be talent make sure he has an up to date VD test panel and that both AIDS tests are negative and don’t work with him at all until he has been released from the Ass Rape Center for at least 15 days. 🙂

  4. Does anyone know if Scottie “Cum Receptacle” Ohanian is back at scamming unsuspecting porn chicks and other sex industry women or has he “cleaned” up his act and started taking scenes as male as cum receptacle in Treasure Island Media movies, working as a male hooker on Craig’s List and camming on Model Centro or Only Fans instead (yes, I know that those sites are almost all women but I don’t recall either having a prohibition on male cam “models”)?


    If Scottie Ohanian starts or has started as a cam model on Only Fans and Model Centro, how much will he make a week in tips and subscriptions?

    A: $0
    B: Less than $50
    C: $50-$100
    D: $101-$200
    E: His parole officer took it all before anyone could find out how much he made.
    F: Any adult sex industry employment is against his parole conditions and he is now back in the Clark County Correctional and Ass Fuck Center.

    More seriously, is Scottie back to his old tricks again? I think another article is appropriate to update the inquiring minds reading Mike South.

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