Derek Hay Girls Subpoenaed


UH OH!  I got several tips today that several girls “working” for Derek hay got subpoenas.



52610cookie-checkDerek Hay Girls Subpoenaed

Derek Hay Girls Subpoenaed

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  1. There’s a number of reasons why Derek’s whores could be getting subpoenas. One reason COULD be that a Grand Jury is checking into some of PWL’s less endearing tactics. It would be pro forma, but they’d get them.

    Or maybe someone’s decided that both sides of this, what, four-year-old feud need to be pummeled with a sack of oranges and they’re putting the hurt on everybody. PWL is still down and still re-directing.

    The Donkey’s fight was, at least initially, with Derek and Christian. It should have stayed there. When it expanded to the entire industry, Derek and Chrissy should have stood up. They didn’t. They sat mute and hoped the whole thing would go away. Others encouraged this belief on their behalf.

    If those two get caught up in whatever’s going down, they deserve it for keeping mum. Trying to distrat things with a “luggage” website on XPT? Get the fuck out of town.

  2. I don’t think the subpoenas have anything at all to do with PWL, but are related to one of Derek’s side businesses that has been under scrutiny for some time now.

  3. Just covering all the possibilities. But, yeah, that site disappeared for a while last night.

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