Condom Bill Passes The Arts and Entertainment Committee

AB1576 aka the statewide condom law has passed the Arts and Entertainment Committee.


It passed 4-1 with Assembly member Scott Wilk voting against the bill and Cheryl Brown abstaining.


Next stop is the appropriations committee where it got shot down last year.

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Condom Bill Passes The Arts and Entertainment Committee

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14 Responses

  1. Chalk up another loss for the FSC and the dupes. Their same old ridiculous arguents again fell of deaf ears, not because the assembly members are ignoring the dupes, but because their arguments are so ridiculous they dont even rise to the level of serious consideration.

    The FSC is great at preaching to the choir, but in the REAL world thier ridiculousness is scoffed at.

  2. @ Jilted You are right about the FSC, What a bunch of loosers!
    They had Mo Reese who cleans cum up for a living, in Sacramento along with Diane the abortionist, and Kayden kross Mike’s good ole
    FSC friend with 200 supposed petitions signed by performers/hookers,
    and Mike’s good ole friend Marc Randazza claiming the industry is going to move to Las Vegas and take jobs with them. Well Marc? How much? and who palm you going to grease to do that? Gov. Sandoval? Mayor. Goodman? Bullshit Criminal porn attorneys just bullshit porners because they know, they are stupid and will pay at the drop of a hat.
    YOUR DOOMED. Now, just put the Regan party hats on those cocks and get to fucking.

  3. Congrads to the performers for more safety!

    Michael Whiteacre is crying right now. I just want to
    be relevant to the industry and be excepted as a
    industry bitch.


  4. Congrads! To the performers who don’t have to worry about getting
    HIV and other diseases from those ones who don’t
    want to wear or make their off screen partners put a condom on.

    To hell with the FSC and Michael Whiteacre is crying along with his bitch male partner. They have to watch and jackoff to condom gay porn together. Boohooo

  5. Did anyone by chance record the audio? I missed it 😉

    @jilted did they bring up anything other than what was in the FSC fax campaign?

  6. This vote was debated upon by the public? You seem to be suggesting that both sides presented an argument to these 6 individuals. Is that correct?

  7. I was thinking of how to explain this to you young grasshopper, in language that you ‘might’ understand, and I came across this very educational video on how our government works. I hope you learn something, and to the rest of you, well, just enjoy.

  8. The question now is will Gatto come to the rescue again. Who do you think has directed more donations to Gatto in the last year,,FSC, or AHF? AHF has know all along that they would have to face Gatto again. What makes me think they have been greasing that wheel for a while now,,,,getting some of their BIG donors to slip a little to the Gatto campaign fund. Dianne, good luck mathing the AHF donations.

  9. And where was APAC? The performer organization was mysteriously absent. Here was their chance to speak out and they were a no-show.

  10. What are you jabbering about? I was referring to this specific committee and vote. As were you presumably. Did both sides make an argument to this committee specifically?

  11. Wonder if APAC is gonna have a meeting Sunday may 4th? In April they were going gangbusters to get folks there and the FSC barkers were having a heyday before and after.

  12. Yes

    FYI every state assembly is required to open sub-committee hearings to the public for pro/con and comments/questions. California has the option to limit speakers to two pro/con but did not do so in this case.

    The industry was much better represented at this hearing and had over 250 notices of performer opposition.

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