Houston woman, two men tried to have sex with a canine, say prosecutors

This just in from Texas, the last state to prohibit bestiality. . .

On her Instagram page, Rebekah Little is focused on her career as a real estate professional, but investigators allege that she also used social media to arrange bestiality opportunities at a southwest Houston, Texas apartment complex.

Little exchanged several messages with different people where she mentions bestiality, prosecutors said in court documents.

Bestiality in Bayou City: Woman, two men tried to have sex with a canine, prosecutors say

They wanna Ryder

In Bob Clark’s classic A Christmas Story, little Ralph has a very specific x-mas present in mind: “an official Red Ryder carbine action, 200-shot, range model air rifle with a compass in the stock”.

However, back in 2017, Little seems to have had a different Ryder in mind.

Court documents reveal a conversation between Little and a male named Jerrid Cook on Christmas Eve 2017 in which they talked about waiting for another male by the name of Kevin Cook to get off work so they could pick up Jerrid Cook and his dog Ryder to “have fun.”

Sources said Jerrid Cook used Facebook to communicate and that Ryder is also featured on Facebook.

Jerrid Cook and Kevin Cook. PHOTO: KTRK/CNN

A birthday present? They don’t call Houston ‘Screwston’ for nothing

Prosecutors said Jerrid Cook wanted Ryder to come in contact with human sexual organs as a birthday present since he was turning a year old on Dec. 25.

When Little was interviewed by police, she told them she never actually went through with the plan. Even so, felony bestiality charges can be filed just for intending and planning the act, according to Texas law.

State Senator Carol Alvarado sponsored the 2017 bill that outlawed bestiality in Texas. She says she is happy to know law enforcement is holding offenders accountable. “I’m glad to see it’s working,” Alvarado stressed. “It’s unfortunate people are engaged in this type of activity.”

Justice for Ryder

Besides Jerrid Cook and Little, Kevin Cook is also facing bestiality charges in Jefferson County.

Neither man is in custody and animal advocates say they hope the animals will find justice in both places.


510650cookie-checkHouston woman, two men tried to have sex with a canine, say prosecutors

Houston woman, two men tried to have sex with a canine, say prosecutors

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