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Can you help explain for us new girls the difference between the RT-PCR/ PCR DNA and the ELISA test? I understand there is a big difference in price. I did not think that AIM offered the ELISA test. Can you recommend other places besides AIM to get tested?

Thank you for your knowledge on this subject.



Yes I can. The Viral load tests measure the amount of virus in a blood sample by one of two methods. The first, the PCR is a process by which the RNA is chemically treated to cause it to replicate itself, the idea is to induce replication to a high level, then measure that level knowing that the replication factor is a constant. This is called an indirect test because it indirectly measures the amount of RNA in the sample.

The second called bDNA, this is a direct measurement of the RNA. The sample is treated to induce the RNA to lumenesce or “glow” the amount of light given off indicates how much virus is present.

The problem with these tests is that they are only accurate to about forty parts per million, below that point the virus is undetectable. Someone who has HIV and has been on protease inhibitor drugs can fall well below this level and the tests determine them to be HIV Negative which they clearly are not. They are also most certainly still capable of passing on the virus to someone else.

The ELISA test tests for antibodies to the virus to be present in your system, even though you may show no signs of illness 95% of all people will develope antibodies to HIV within 3 weeks of exposure. This “window period” is in reality no worse than that of the PCR tests, and may even prove better in some cases.

I am surprised that AIM would not offer the ELISA test if you requested it, specially since it is the ONLY HIV test that is recognized by either the CDC or the AIDS Foundation as a valid HIV Screen. PCR and bDNA testing are emphatically stated as NOT to be used as an HIV screen.

No matter which test you get if it turns up positive you are given a series of “Western Blot” tests. These are antibody tests that are highly specific and positive indications are the confirmation that someone is HIV positive.

You should be able to get an ELISA test almost anyplace, look in the yellow pages under medical testing labs or pathology labs. the test can range from free at the county testing facilities to 65 dollars at the higher priced ones. 25 to 30 dollars should be what you pay for next day results.

Some companies and performers have been mislead by AIM so make sure that the person you are going to work with knows that you have not been tested by AIM, but have tests from a certified independant lab. I only accept an ELISA test but some in porn valley may only accept a PCR test, until they have been educated to the facts.

If you have any other questions, comments or suggestions please ask. Thanks!

I talked to Vicky Vette in Person Last Night.

Here is the bottom line, yes she was forcibly raped. Yes it was an Anabolic set, the director was Sal and the guy who held her down was John Strong. She wasn’t going to tell anyone and just chalk it up to experience but she had to cancel shoots after having to recieve medical attention, so word got out. She couldn’t have sex for 2 weeks. She has a clear civil action here but she will not pursue it, she just learned from the experience and that’s the end of it.

Some Advice Ladies:

I am often asked to advise girls about the business. I am going to give you some advice you won’t hear anyplace else so pay attention because this is the most valuable advice you will ever recieve in this business.

Before you go to a set do the following:

1. Talk to the Director, period. Not your so called agent. If you can’t talk directly with the director don’t shoot with him.

2. Ask him EXACTLY what it is that is expected of you and EXACTLY when you will be paid and how.

3. Repeat it back to him.

This way there is no Bullshit, he can’t say he thought you knew it was an anal scene, or he thought you knew it whatever.

Some Advice for the growing Number of “Agents” and “Managers”:

You can be one or the other, you cannot be both, that is a violation of California Law. If you charge the director a fee you cannot also take a percentage from the actress. If you take a percentage from the actress you cannot charge the director, are you paying attention Derrek?

And Finally, Ladies:

If anyone abuses you on a set or demands sex for a part in his movie (That includess you Jonathon Morgan and you Nic Andrews) I want to hear about it. if you like I will preserve your anonymity but it is high time we exposed some of these scumbags and I don’t mind being the one to do it.


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