Another Epic FAIL For FSC

California voted 6 to 1 to move forward on AB332   The statewide condom law.

Lets hear it for Diane Duke, Mark Kernes and Jeffery Douglas…..

Is this REALLY the best we can do?

74310cookie-checkAnother Epic FAIL For FSC

Another Epic FAIL For FSC

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8 Responses

  1. The main thing is the FSC is most concerned that they are getting their paychecks. At least until the porn industry totally falls apart.

  2. Well… this is simple. They were not given the proper funding to fight it. Give them more next time. More! More! More!

  3. The state thinks federal judge well not invalidate Measure B the law suite Vivid and Kayden Kross are useing against well fail. The case based if measure B illegal enforce under 1st Amendment. I do not see federal judge agree this 1st Amendment case. I do not think California cares if lose Adult Film Industry. It all ready happly said good bye main stream film indusrty which bigger spent more money in Califonia.

  4. Porn requires CONSENTING adults. One must give the other permission to do to their body the acts required. If it was a right to do somthing you dont need permission. I dont need permision from somebody else to wave my flag on the street corner, but I do need permission to stick my cock in someone else’s body. RIGHTS do not require the permission from someone to exercise them.

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