Alana Evans Says She Was Raped at Brian McKnights Home

September 05, 2010. learned that Adult actress Alana Evans took to twitter yesterday to recount what SHE CLAIMS was a horrific rape at performer Brian McKnight’s home by one of Brian’s relatives. She claims the attack took place in December 2008, while two of Brian McKnight’s sons were at home. Evans claims that Brian’s sons helped her attacker cover up his awful crime.

On December 16, 2008 I was raped by their friend in the maids quarters of Mcknights home-LAPD refused to file charges

I’ve been quiet way too long at it- fuck them- not anymore- more women are raped everyday and the police don’t help- why? Cuz boys lie

Brian McKnight was performing in NY when were we all there- he came home to cops at his door- and the “friend” was never allowed back-

LAPD did nothing because I am a pornstar- so I guess that makes me less of a human to them

I kept hearing ” how do u rape a pornstar” well when u wake up with a fat dude on top of you, that’s how- I freaked and blacked out

And here’s more of her account:

It just really hurt that they ( lapd) wouldn’t help me- law says there’s is no consent when a woman is intoxicated- but it didn’t matter

I asked who it was cuz it was pitch black so I couldn’t see- he said it was him-I told him to get out- he jumped on me etc and I blacked out

I woke up several hours later- alone- and it was day light- all my clothes were gone- they laughed when they saw me

I was so fucked up the whole day- I knew I was drugged- stayed in bed- went to police when I was more alert the next am-

The pig told the cops I was drunk- that I said I was horny and consented so the rape kit didn’t even matter

And who is the ALLEGED rapist. Well its not entirely clear. Here’s what Alana said:

His name is Nicholas Hayes- the Mcknights originally said he was there cousin when we met- that was a lie-

nope- he was friends with BJ mcknight an nikko mcknight- @brianmcknights kids- he was staying at their home

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Alana Evans Says She Was Raped at Brian McKnights Home

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2 Responses

  1. Since Alana feels like talking I’d love to know a few things:

    – Where was Alanas husband while she was at this persons house?

    – Why was she there to begin with?

    – Why was she drunk around a 15 and 17 old?

    – How does she respond to the allegations that she was there as a hooker?

    – Whats the purpose bring this up now? The police did a month long investigation and found no evidence.

    – Since no criminal case was brought forward why wasnt a civil case started? Most laywers love the idea of suing celebrities. Leaving under age kids at home with hookers and drinks sounds like trouble waiting to happen.

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