AHF Lodges Complaint With L.A. County Against Immoral Productions

AHF claims that Immoral productions is in violation of the new county condom law and have filed a complaint that the county’s enforcement is weak.

The complaint filed with County Health Director Johnathon Fielding alleges that despite having a permit Immoral Productions is not using the required protection.

AHF President Michael Weinstein said “If democracy means something in L.A. County — if porn producers and county supervisors are not above the law — then they will enforce it.”

The L.A. Times says “The foundation, a longtime critic of the county health department, filed the complaint after receiving an anonymous letter with an accompanying videotape filmed by someone on an Immoral Productions set, Weinstein said. He declined to say whether the source was a performer but added that the person was not affiliated with the foundation.”

The foundation also reviewed content on Immoral Productions’ website to confirm that condoms weren’t being used, Weinstein said.

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73630cookie-checkAHF Lodges Complaint With L.A. County Against Immoral Productions

AHF Lodges Complaint With L.A. County Against Immoral Productions

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  1. Here’s what the complaint against Immoral Production really illustrates. This is not hard to police since the end result of a porno shoot is a video posted on the Internet. I’ve read over and over that this will be impossible to track without busting the budget, when all you really need is an internet connection and someone willing to monitor porn sites. Producers publish the production company, the record keeper, the day of the shoot, etc., at the front of the production anyway. This ain’t rocket science.

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