Act Like Y’all Have Good Sense Aite?

Ok I know porners aren’t the brightest people and couple that with the usual laziness and you have a recipe for disaster like with IncredibleDollars.

But I can speak in language that porners will understand….MONEY! Sending the wrong information with purchased content could cost you mountains of it.

OK lets start with the simple stuff, namely IDs. yes you have to send them. They should be government issued photo IDs but everything except the photo, the name, the birthdate and the ID number should be blacked out. The purchaser doesnt need to know the address or the organ donor status.

If you send a second ID ONLY the name should be visible. I shouldn’t have to point out to you that sending a social security number along with a photo ID is just plain fucking stupid and it opens you up to serious legal liability.

OK next is the model release, smart thing to do is to simply send a statement that affirms that you have the rights to the content and that you are reassigning those rights to the purchaser and that you have the right to reassign the release.

If you feel you must send copies of the model releases ONLY the models name and signature and date should be visible, all other info like address, social security number, and amount paid in consideration for services is a civil suit waiting to happen. Don’t be a moron, Protect yourself.

No other information is necessary

Finally HIV test results. Sorry but if you include these you are one dumb mother fucker. Mere possession of this information could land you in jail, not to mention the civil suits. HIV tests are to be CHECKED not archived and for damn sure not sent to third parties. NEVER EVER EVER send medical information to anyone unless you have a specific release from the person whose medical info it is and you need one release for each person you send the info to, and that DOES NOT mean photocopying it.

OK todays PSA is done.

Act like y’all got good sense aite?

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Act Like Y’all Have Good Sense Aite?

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