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Todays free legal seminar watch it, commit the message to memory.

(Hunter sent it originally)


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A free Public Service Announcement

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  1. I’m glad you posted this, Mike. I’ve given this advice for years, but never heard it delivered as thoroughly.

    Example: A few years ago, one of our sons calls me and says that the local police asked to “come in and take a look” (They were looking for a kid that used to live there). Of course, I said “no, they need a warrant” Our son says, “But won’t that look suspicious?” I explained it like this… I come into your house and ask if you’ve got a cold beer (I’m always looking for a cold beer). You say “No, sorry”. I say, “Mind if I take a look in the fridge?”… I just told you that I don’t trust you. I’m already suspicious. Same thing goes for the police.

  2. This is awesome, and you’re right Dirty Bob, since I couldn’t actually watch it, I listened while I did something else and was still able to absorb it, maybe even better than if I’d watched it.

    Good point, too, Hunter. I’m one of those honest types that things honesty is the best policy without thinking about the fact that “anything can and will be used against me…” Hell, they say it! Thanks, Mike. Very useful.

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