I got this from Kid Vegas seems he has a burn with Extreme now

gee imagine that, oddly enough I have no reason not to believe Kid, he has been a pain in the ass and acted like an idiot but he has always been honest with me, far as I can recall anyway, so here it is unedited:

Kid Vegas Sprays The Love Around:

Lets start the morning off with, ummm, where should we start today. I want to
start with the list of fired & or retired, since I have been with Extreme
Associates. In fact they have the biggest turn around of employees in the
industry for fucking their own over, due to no cash.

1) Princess
2) No Finger Deb
3) Wanker Wang
4) John ( the editor )
5) Porkie Pig
6) Gay Mike
7) Damien Steele
8) Scott ( the intern & personal slave )
9) Kid Vegas
10) Who is next?

Why hire if you are out of money? Why hurt people financially with surprise,
no reason firing? Why even run a business if you are not competent of even
firing your own employees? Why make promises for reimbursement of out of the
pocket expenditures, when you never pay back? Why do you commit Fraud by
Forging Insurance papers for backyard wrestling you call XPW, in which one of
your own wrestlers has stated to me personally? You started it, & I will
reveal all, are you ready?

Shooting on people that have knowledge of your whole operation, including the
illegal things at Extreme can be hazardous to a company’s well being.
Especially for someone that knows many people, good & bad, ask Gene, he is
your local balding, wig wearing, AVN reject, know it all.

As you can tell my writing is beyond what you ever imagined in your wildest
dreams, this will strictly remain a personal war with Extreme, until that
line is crossed, so beware! Do not attempt to cross that line, watch some of
my videos I did for Legend Video, or ask Brandon Irons your favorite
Director, he has seen what I have personally.

I am not the peon you might have thought I portrayed coming in, or am I, you
be the judge? Frontline was a good eye opener of what really goes on there, &
it made me think, it gave me nightmares some of the stuff they said. I wish
you well, but then again, all of this is talk for fun until you make that
stab at me, which I know you will not. August Arkam aka The Zodiac, has
nothing on me, all he can do is quote from English literature text books he
stole from college, me on the other hand, do not need to quote anyone, I have
my own way of infuriating, yet, getting the point across. That is right I do
not need a degree, I put your pro to shame, & will wreck him like a train
hitting a car. Have you given him a raise yet from his $250.00 a week?
Doesn’t the receptionist make more then him? I know he was complaining about
his pay. You lost a key player, & you did not even attempt to test my true
skills as a writer, or any other skills that you do not know about. Time to
get spayed, hey AVN, Hustler, have a job for me?

I am sure Extreme would do anything to not have that happen? August & Smiley
you thought I had no voice, wrong again, you schmucks! You have been squashed
like bugs. You do not hear their voices anymore trying to desecrate my name
or me.

2040cookie-checkI got this from Kid Vegas seems he has a burn with Extreme now

I got this from Kid Vegas seems he has a burn with Extreme now

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