9 units too many

Let me start by making it very clear that i should not be writing this blog right now. Five minutes ago i should not have been checking my centerfold search status on Freeones. An hour ago i should not have been responding to myspace emails and updating my calendar. On a side note i should not be thinking about a third starbucks drink for the day but that is a different flaw and i would be getting off track.

I should really be reading chapters 11 and 12 in the Real Estate Principles class. Then i should go do the online discussion for it. Then i should complete the Econ homework for unit 18. But first i should read the text for unit 18. Then i should do the online discussion on it. Or i could start the econ term paper due May 12th, because i am working the 8,9,10, and 12th, so if i don’t do it today i’m probably fucked. Or i could catch up on the reading for the international political relations class, because i haven’t cracked that book since the first week of April. Then i can do the online discussion….s. And once i knock that out and i can catch up on the tests for all three classes. Something about porn makes a middling 9 units seem monstrous when i used to carry 15 without breaking a sweat.

When i first got into this industry i wondered why more girls weren’t in school. From the outside it seems like a no brainer. The girls are pulling in cash by the fistfuls by screwing on camera for 90 minutes and then they go home and….?

That was actually part of the appeal of porn for me. I figured I’d work a couple of days a month and spend the rest of the time finishing a degree…. or two…. or eight. Whatever.

Those of you in the industry are probably laughing at me right now. I haven’t slept in my own bed in weeks because i don’t live in LA and i worked the 16th through the 21st of April, drove home that night to take the real estate test, drove back up the next morning and worked the 23rd of April through the 3rd of May. I drove home on the 4th of may, took three tests, paid my horse board, did laundry, filled my gas tank and got a spray tan, manicure, and pedicure on the way back up that evening so i could be in LA to work the 5th and 6th. Its the seventh and i’m just sadly staring at the computer screen wasting time blogging about not having enough time.

How did i go from working a couple of days a month to barely having that many days free every month? I did not factor in promotion and a personal website and all of the various shoots i can do even while under contract. The question comes down to what is more important? Economics has taught me that porn is. I’m not just saying this because i really hate the economics homework (I DO). The opportunity cost of not doing porn is insane. There is so much fucking money to be made if you do it right. My major is psychology. I have absolutely no intention of ever practicing psychology or getting any degrees in it beyond a BA. With a BA on my resume and the job history i have (what if they ask for my work experience?) i would not have even a glimmer of a chance for a starting salary above 30k a year in whatever field i entered. Some girls make that in a month in porn. Are you sadly watching as school kind of drifts off the radar screen? Now factor in my stupid habit of just taking whatever the fuck i feel like (psychology major taking real estate, polisci and econ? These fucking classes don’t even count toward my degree) and you’ll see that school is more a dying hobby. Please don’t take this to mean i’m giving up. As close as i am i will finish eventually. All i’m saying is that i really really completely understand from the inside out why a lot of girls are not throwing themselves head first into 21-unit semesters and really “taking advantage of their situations”. We don’t have much situation left to take advantage of at the end of the day.

Here are my responses to potential arguments:

1. I do not even get cell service at 90% of the locations we shoot at. No i cannot log on to the internet from my laptop and work on an assignment through the day. Yes the shoots only last 40-90 minutes. That means 40-90 minutes of sex will be shot once all involved start fucking, and only if the guy has a working thingy. This will commence after 2 hours of hair and make up and will precede “action shots” for the box art. Somewhere in there we will shoot “pretty girls” and probably do an interview. I’d like to point out that all of my movies have been features. So please factor in dialogue and assume it will be a 14 hour day. Also factor in LA traffic. Movie shoots mean my day is gone.

2. Occasionally i will try to read textbooks on feature sets. Generally this will fail because it is hard to concentrate on the similarities between Vietnam and Iraq or the different types of leasehold estates when someone is screaming “shove that big black cock into my wet cunt” from the next room. I do try though.

2 1/2. If it’s not a movie set i won’t have any down time at all. Either i’m doing a photo shoot or promotion. And i thought i could do homework in the make up chair but the make up artist says i can’t. I believe her.

3. Yes the hotels have business centers and i use them. I use them almost every night when i respond to all of my myspace emails and work related emails. If there is time left over for a little online learning i will jump on it. I usually cannot do any actual assignments on these computers though because if it’s not in a specific format the assignment won’t upload anyway.

4. NO i will not take a semester off of work to finish the degree. Once again, opportunity cost. I only want the degree as wall art anyway.

I could go on but i won’t because of that time thing i mentioned earlier. Also, because i know someone will bring it up, i do know that “i” should be capitalized but i’m choosing not to go back through this whole thing and do it.

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9 units too many

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4 Responses

  1. You forgot the main reason most porn girls dont get an education Kayden. Most of them didn’t finish high school and precious few of them have your drive or your smarts.

    Or your looks for that matter…

  2. Isn’t most of the money for girls made in dancing more so than in porn? And you’re talking high-end porn. And the girls have to look a certain way or else they’ll get bumped to gonzo, if they’re good performers. And with the state of the business today, the only performers really making any money are gay men.

    Let’s say if Jenna Jameson got into porn today for the first time. Sadly she looks twice her age now and could never get a contract with any studio. So there she goes to gonzo. But she’s not even that great of a performer. She would get then get bumped to fluffer if she’s lucky.

  3. The biggest benefit of going to school, no matter how lame those 9 credits are, is that it keeps you real. Otherwise you become another totally out of touch with reality porn star, with very few long term opportunities. How close are you to graduation ‘s are you?

    I caught you comment about Vivid. Its amazing how far they’ve slipped. They don’t seem to promote their girls at all. I think the quicker you can start to promote your own brand, the better.

  4. You’re holding onto school because it’s the only tangible symbol of your self-image as a brain you have left. You’ve thrust your body into a central position in your life, and it’s out of whack, so you cling to school when you don’t need to. Not only that, but whatever intellectual stimulation it provides is not of the flavor you enjoy. Too much liberal, post-modern, feel good tripe.

    I know that feeling, doing something when you know it’s completely pointless and unnecessary. Only, ironically, the object of my fixation – my rebellion against being “too principled” philosophically – is to look at porn and scheme for meaningless sex. I should just drop it, find a nice, secretly horny girl, move into a cabin on top of a mountain somewhere, and live out my principled committment to fucking her brains out for the rest of my life.

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