Jessica Drake Is Getting Robbed

Now Jessica caught some flack here a while back for using IDs with different birthdates on them but the truth is she is getting robbed these days.

All the awards now pretty much have MILF categories and Jessica consistantly gets overlooked on all of them and theres no doubt that she is a MILF.

Depending on which ID you have she is either 32, 34 or 37 (most likely is 37)  as of 2008 making her more eligible than most of the other MILFS who get nommed.

We think it’s time she got her props….XRCO don’t continue this injustice, you guys have a chance to break the cycle of overlooking this deserving performer.

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Jessica Drake Is Getting Robbed

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  1. Good point. But, Jessica is also a Contract Star and that is why I keep her in MVP nominations list.

    A Porn Star (for CAVR) can only be a Newbie, a Star, a Contract Star(MVP) or a MILF.


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