The truth about PR! Don’t fall for the PR #scam such as xxx Star PR

I’m going to give you some career advice, take it for what you will.

If your publicist is only charging you $50 a month, chances are you aren’t dealing with a legit publicist. Bosco over at xxx star PR for example. When your self imposed “Public Relations” point man is a scammer ask you for  Access to your Twitter account, Instagram Don’t give access to  it. When the illegitimate imposer ask for your ID and bank info to set up your your clips for sale, only fans or like wise, He will place his bank account information into the account so he gets paid and not you, he is a scammer so remember this .  When a fake Public relations coke head  like that other balding pushing sixty years old now with his right hand holding his heart gasping for what may be his last breath schedules a so called “radio interview” ITS A POD CAST people not a radio show and there are only five listeners MAX at once and that’s counting  the host  and you on the show. Do your research

If you can pay for his PR services by sometimes showing him photos or video clips of your vagina, chances are you aren’t dealing with a legit publicist.

If you publicist tries to have sex with you, chances are you aren’t dealing with a legit publicist.

If your publicist charges you money each month and you ask him what he’s doing for you and he claims he’s tweeting about you, look at his twitter engagement. Does he magically have 60,000 followers and yet you can’t explain where he actually got them from?

Look at his tweet engagements, if you see this, then, chances are you aren’t dealing with a legit publicist.

I mean anyone can buy 60,000 followers. But it doesn’t mean shit if his fake followers are seeing a tweet about you because they aren’t real people. DUH!

When considering hiring a publicist, ask yourself this question – what is my publicists’ background? Do they have any legit connections in the industry? Or does he know a guy who knows a guy who told him he could make money and get laid by telling girls he’s a publicist?

If your publicist’s only real connection to the adult industry is he knows a guy who owns a website who itself has a bunch of fake traffic,  chances are you aren’t dealing with a legit publicist.

If your publicist can’t get you multi-page spreads in men’s magazines, appearances on Netflix or Buzzfeed or appearances on radio shows like Opie and Anthony or the Howard Stern show, chances are you aren’t dealing with a legit publicist.

If your publicist provides you drugs or books you on privates, chances are you aren’t dealing with a legit publicist.

If your publicist insists on having access to your twitter, ask yourself why. Is it for a real reason or is he just harvesting names of John’s who contact you to try and have sex with you so he can sell those names to him #pimp friend?

If your publicist kicks you out of your hotel room and tries to get you kicked out of the convention because you wouldn’t give him a blowjob, chances are you aren’t dealing with a legit publicist.

If you dare to leave or decide you no longer want to pay for his services because you were finally smart enough to realize you weren’t getting anything for your money, and he places you on a “deadbeat” list, trying to extort you and force you into paying him, chances are you aren’t dealing with a legit publicist.

Don’t fall for the fake PR scam.

Don’t waste your time or money on a fake publicist.


226770cookie-checkThe truth about PR! Don’t fall for the PR #scam such as xxx Star PR

The truth about PR! Don’t fall for the PR #scam such as xxx Star PR

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20 Responses

  1. wut the fuck? there are peep who pay for pr by showing pics of their vagina? ROFLMAO

  2. I was wondering if XXX Star (Factory?) was the subject of this article. I have read rumors over the years (even some comments left on this very site pre-sale) but nothing had been reasonably confirmed. Any Mike South reporter with more information might be able to write an interesting article. Of course don’t jeopardize the future of this site but this could turn into a very interesting site. $50 per month won’t pay for a whole lot of PR work and pussy pics won’t pay for any. Maybe Kelli can write an article going further into this, she does publicist work (I am sure she charges much more than $50 per month but certainly won’t ask for a blow job at all or a pussy pic unless it is necessary for PR purposes). I hope I am not ruffling any feathers by posting this but Kelli’s PR company website has an “About” page which is pertinent to this article. Here is the link: . There are a couple of other legitimate publicists in the adult film industry but there are also some not so legitimate ones. Do your own research, folks, then make your own decision.

  3. Oh, my. “Interesting site” should be “interesting article”. This is already a very interesting site. It must be time for me to go to bed for the evening.

  4. This kind of thing isn’t uncommon in the jizz bizz. A lot of suitcase pimps I mean boyfriends often act as a star’s manager or publicist.

    Barrett Blade got his start in this industry as a suitcase pimp of Devon, then a Vivid contract star.

    Mike Kulich also got his start as a porn star’s boyfriend, eventually acting as her manager and then publicist when that didn’t work out.

    Rob Baker, now wanted for murder, was Dee’s suitcase pimp, acting as her “manager” and sometimes publicist He went on to act as a manager for a couple of girls.

    How about Eric from GFY? Hate to break it to you but rumor has it he too was a 1 time suitcase pimp to a then Vivid contract star Sunny Leone.

    Sure we all know this article is about that Boscoe loser from xxx pr but let’s not forget about James “Content Trade and Coke” Bartholet. He likes to play publicist 2. What he actually claims he does for her clients beats me but he should be included in the list. It’s his connection to these girls that keeps him hanging on in this industry when he should have been run off a long time ago. How many rape or assault allegations about him have gotten swept under the rug now?

  5. Interesting the names being thrown around in good and bad ways. From what I see there are some decent PRs out there that aren’t mentioned. Hopefully, the girls and others will do their homework before taking on PR.

  6. But while we’re mentioning pimps. How about a madame? It’s well known that girls sign up with Miss Lainie to get “work” in New York not just interviews.

  7. Cosmo, while we are talking about pimpettes we should mention the infamous Ms. St. Clair. I don’t know what she claims to charge for her “PR” work but she definitely does some and also takes her “clients” prisoner and for whatever cash she can. I am not completely against an agent also being a producer but see where it could cause a host of problems. Ms. St. Whore needs to be strung up on a rack and stretched until her shoulders and knees pop out of joint. Maybe a law stating an agent cannot legally collect a commission for work he produces starring his clients should be passed and enforced.

    As for James Bartholet, I think he likes to party with the girls of this industry but hadn’t read of him being into coke and didn’t recall him producing his own content to “content trade” in the first place. I see him doing PR work for his clients but don’t know how effective he is at getting producers and strip club owners attention. My impression of him is as a character actor in the biz, a radio show host and only very occasionally actually having sex on camera. He has said that he also does mainstream PR work, I don’t know his legal name to verify that but since cameramen also work both sides of film in Los Angeles it is a believable statement. If I were younger and living in LA I would probably gladly party with the guy but I don’t know him to be able to say what kind of person he is.

  8. No doubt about Trinity, MHarris. I think Jingleheimer was looking at true PR cos. Funny thing is this article is really pissing off XXX Star PR. Hope there’s more to come.

  9. Cosmo, If “Boscoe” is who I think he is I can see him getting very pissed at this article. I say let’s piss him off some more, Jingleheimer. If he has taken to nearly forcing himself sexually on his clients and taking pussy pics and videos as payment for PR work he needs to be thrown out of the industry once and for all, via Fist and Foot Airlines if need be. I thought “Boscoe” had already been ejected from the adult film industry, someone please finish the job.

  10. MHarris Bosco is the worst and talks shit about everyone. People are starting to learn he’s everything in this article. Many companies and girls know. He loses clients all the time.

  11. Everyone knows that Bosco is just a front for his little bed buddy blogger. Together they try and bully and extort anyone they can. Shame really these piece of shits are still allowed in the industry after some of the shit they have done.

  12. “Boscoe” must be preying on people just entering the industry to get clients at all. If we are talking about the same “Boscoe” (there was a person using that alias in the San Francisco area for a while as well, I am not talking about him — that I know of) the Clark County authorities know him very well and don’t particularly care for him being a thorn in their sides. Let’s just say “Boscoe” isn’t his only alias and he (not his “little bed buddy” — they are almost certainly the same person) was a junior blogger for a while for.

  13. Does it surprise anyone that Bosco is involved in with Leigh Raven and Nikki Hearts and now it comes out that Leigh Raven is telling people she was told to say these things. Shocker of all shock Bosco is in on it.

  14. Justice Had no idea he was part of all the drama, but it makes sense. He loves to start shit.

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