The real reason OnlyFans dropped adult content creators #exclusive

We have a source that finally got to the bottom of the OnlyFans. The problem is, we had to promise the person anonymity. The person is friends with Leo. So here is what we were able to get out of him.

Prior to Visa and Mastercard being pressured and harassed by the vast right wing types against Pornhub, they were already on the case of OnlyFans. They presented them with a few rules, many of which Mastercard also adopted. What they told them was that,

a) You have to provide us with the ID of the person who is uploading the content. This is new. Not something we’ve ever had to do in the past. All of the companies in question agreed. They started using a net verification service. It scans your ID, front and back, then scans your face, and matches your biometrics against the database. This was great. It worked for everyone. Well not everyone. There were a few glitches with foreign IDs but overall, it was a solution that worked.

b) Next they said you have to provide the IDs of not only the person uploading the content in question but of the people who are actually in the videos. We know this as 2257. Visa didn’t care about the federal laws, they just wanted to know that every person in each video uploaded features people over 18 years of age. (Which is what 2257 is for).

This is where the problem came in. Other platforms all understood and agreed. Of course, they want to be compliant. It may not be easy to figure out how to make it happen, but they all agreed that it was something that must be done for each and every video uploaded.

That is all except OnlyFans. OnlyFans said they weren’t technically capable of doing such a thing. They said it was “beyond their technical capabilities.”

So exactly what is Visa asking of them? Let’s take a look at Modelcentro. About 7 years ago they added the feature. Each time you upload a video of any kind you not only tell the title of the video and description, and the hashtags but you also have to upload the ID of the model in the video as well as the model release.

This is something you must do for each and every upload.

So if the technology existed 7 years ago, when ModelCentro did it, why can’t OnlyFans do the same?

We’ll never know because instead of doing it, they opted to just get rid of all adult content creators.

They blamed it on Visa and Mastercard but in the end, the real blame is on OnlyFans. They could have made an effort to comply with the new regulations. OnlyFans decided it was easier to just get rid of you instead.

Since 1998 the law has been that you have to have the ID of everyone. This is not a new law. OnlyFans just didn’t think they would get caught not verifying these IDs. “It was too much work,” and “beyond their technical capabilities” or “we just don’t have the staff to manually verify” or even care to.

These are the things they said. When all along they could have come up with a technical solution like ModelCentro has done. Like Pornhub has done and pioneered.

If you upload a scene, you need to upload the ID and model releases with each scene. It’s the law. It has been the law for more than 20 years now.

Thanks, OnlyFans. We are glad to know we were so expendable.


698040cookie-checkThe real reason OnlyFans dropped adult content creators #exclusive

The real reason OnlyFans dropped adult content creators #exclusive

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4 Responses

  1. Probably what you have mentioned in this article was the final straw.

    The industry should be thinking,  Why now Visa and Master card is so gun hoe or alarmed in the first place .
    NOW. ?? Really
    Processing payments is what they do and porn was already content that was ok to accept and process payments for decades. What gives now. 
    Let’s bet this, The root cause NOW are those few in porn cranking out extreme content, and then others come up with antics outdoing the last , IE,  Content Outdoors in pubic, pissing/ defecating all over each other, sex in kiddie parks and public areas and using the payment aspect on Only Fans and others for “hookery escort” antics . We all know who the usual suspects are.
    Hell, days ago one asshole had several village idiots defending “scat orgies” posting shitting all over each other. So disgusting that blogs and news outlets won’t touch the subject, one had the courage to just hint about it.. , some were posting “felching” on Twitter with link backs to their OF. 
    A  few months ago another threatened to release posting his collection of his pitbull in action with people. Had the Balls to push for his dog getting a GOAT AVN hall of frame award as a performer.. lol  The dog died, proli got a STD.
    So yeah platforms will eventually miss filtering out at least one extreme smut illegal content matter, You bet this is a beacon for the Right Wing  “Non-Profit” claiming to be a religious type and just run with it, while just out for a payday, then slamming Visa and Mastercard while blaming the platforms.  Visa and master card will react and has. Some bone head from porn tinsel town will be the culprit who ruins porn. ……Shit heads …
    No offense to Shit and Head. 

  2. It appears that OF and soon other platforms are likely to follow the requirement of visa and master card, Content managers are the core for being kept out of the game. The bad news is 3rd parties are not even allowed to access a creators account per Visa and Master card.

    The Good news is talent agents will have far more time and find it a necessity to get talents who looks like they should be in front of a camera performing more scenes ASAP
    I feel badly for those who are not being offered scenes now. All the big names girls will go to sets.
    Those are smart about it will regain some of their income but not like before, and that’s the bigger names. Not even uploading and every platform known at this time will command the results as OF. Starter ups copy cats don’t have the inter net traffic command of Porn Hub, Not even loyal fans who is proli the best bet. We wont even know for many many months.

  3. This feels bigger this time.

    Corporations have been running in fear from the mountain of lawsuits against PornHub for several months now. The end of adult sales on eBay (though some sellers still have some inventory), the end of Vivid Radio from SiriusXM, and now the end of OnlyFans.

    Sure, there’s a lot of smaller players to go to, but for how long? The bigger names are going to take a huge pay cut as they try to coalesce around one or two sites in order to gain network effects. But, who owns whatever site seems to be the winner? Some are known, others are not.

    That was the problem with OnlyFans: Axios linked OnlyFans to a Russian criminal, who I’m sure let Putin in on some of the action. Does the industry think that figuratively getting in bed with such a figure was going to turn out well? Did anyone do any due diligence before putting all of their eggs in the OnlyFans basket?

    This character’s, Leonid Radvinsky’s, prior business was running web sites to give out free passwords to adult sites. Axios was also able to get some revenue data that OnlyFans was showing to potential investors (because they needed to buy Radvinsky out of the organization, for whatever reason), and the numbers weren’t as rosy as had been reported elsewhere. For example, OnlyFans was telling the media that creators have earned $4.5 billion during the site’s existence; they told potential investors $3.2 billion…what’s the real number?

    Plus, The New York Times, for all intents & purposes, reported that this was happening all the way back on May 18th. The more you look into this story, the deeper the political intrigue (the Biden administration cutting off funds to Putin?) and the more complex it gets.

  4. I thought it was because Rachel Dolezal refused to be on OF with smut performers, and they capitulated. Ahh haha, she can do a solo scene and call it IR! 😀 😀

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