Small Hands releases “Save Me” from latest album @thesmallhands_ 

For those that aren’t keeping up, prolific male performer Small Hands has been busy lately.  He’s not only been making a lot of movies lately for Brazzers, but he’s also been busy making music. This week he released his second single from his album “Empty Streets”. The new song premiered today on YouTube and is called Save Me.

Music label Cleopatra Records has signed Empty Streets, aka Small Hands, for the release of his second EP “Age of Regret.” Empty Streets’ debut album “Demons” was released last summer and went on to earn the multi-hyphenate entertainer a 2021 AVN Awards nomination for Mainstream Venture of the Year.

The artist, whose real name is Aaron Thompson and whose musical style is classified as “modern darkwave,” released a video last month for the album’s title track, co-produced by Jaime Preciado of a post-hardcore band Pierce the Veil. The single is available via all major digital streaming platforms.

You can follow Small Hands on Twitter @Follow Thompson on Twitter @thesmallhands_ and Instagram @thesmallhands_.

678133cookie-checkSmall Hands releases “Save Me” from latest album @thesmallhands_ 

Small Hands releases “Save Me” from latest album @thesmallhands_ 

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7 Responses

  1. Not bad at all. I was expecting …. well, let’s just say I was glad it wasn’t like the skyla novea or dylan harper shit show. This guy actually has some talent.

  2. Decent song. He needs to tone down the use of the word FUCK as it will cost him airplays.

  3. @KARMAFAN Agreed . He got talent, with his notoriety he should aim for more airplay and skip the profanity lyrics for now. I could see some airplay in the works for him for sure. Nice Job

  4. I haven’t heard the song but can say that many artists make both a profane and a non-profane version of some of their songs. The non-profane version is what would be played on terrestrial radio and the profane version on Sirius and recorded on albums. I also see he is using a different name for vocal work than he does for porn, is it possible that we aren’t helping him by connecting the two on here? Small seems like a decent person in my very limited interaction with him (don’t let the tats fool you), if I were the reporter I would hate to ruin his vocal career with articles like this one. The stigma of performing in porn has ruined a lot of careers, that is something we need to change but we can’t do it all at once, it will take a lot of convincing and (unfortunately) for my generation to die off before that will likely start to change.

  5. Back in the day porn performer Andrea True had a top 10 hit with More, More ,More. It went to number 2 in the Billboard hot 100 chart and stayed in the top 10 for 4+ weeks.

  6. Yes, Andrea True did have a hit with More, More, More. The porn aspect was less damaging because the press kept this stuff quiet (unless someone got arrested for obscenity) and most people didn’t know who the porn performers were. Nowadays a simple Google search of someone’s name brings up the porn aspect of his/her career. I bet Andrea’s single was bought mainly by people that didn’t have the foggiest knowledge of her being a porn performer.

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