Skyla Novea Assaulted on a set!!!

I want to start out by saying that Skyla Novea herself did not call this an “assault” but when a girl says no or stop several times, and you do it anyway, what else do you call it?

This all began when a fan tweeted out a review of a scene Skyla Novea did a scene for a company called Heavy on Hotties. The male talent named Cel decided he didn’t care about what Skyla Novea wanted.


Skyla Novea responded saying it was the worst scene she had ever done and she hated working on it so much. She went on to say she kept telling him that he was being too rough because hew as biting her really hard and she doesn’t do that type of stuff and what did he do in return? He spits in her face.

She told him multiple times to stop but he didn’t listen.

Skyla Novea, like many other female performers, know they have a job to do. They know that they are paid to put on a smile and do what they are told on set, often times putting their own well being and comfort aside.

But sometimes it’s just too much. Sometimes the men in our industry cross the line and we have to say enough is enough.

I think it’s important we spread the word when we find ass holes like this to make sure that no other girls make the mistake of working with him.

Update: I spoke with her agent and found that this was a scene she booked on her own in 2018, while she was on a Europen trip.

350321cookie-checkSkyla Novea Assaulted on a set!!!

Skyla Novea Assaulted on a set!!!

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  1. In Michigan we have a term for such things — criminal sexual conduct in the first degree, more commonly known as rape. If somehow the scene didn’t have penetration it would be CSC in the second degree. Both carry stiff prison terms — if there was penetration in the scene the mandatory sentence would be life without parole! Skyla needs to go to the police in the county or city where the rape took place immediately. Assuming this report is accurate Cel needs to be blackballed from the industry but also needs to go to prison to get raped himself. Also, what about the company that commissioned the scene — why didn’t the cameraman, director or grip put a stop to this as soon as it became non-consensual. I wish Skyla the best and hope she is able to recover from her rape, it will take years of psychiatric counseling and one hell of a lot of willpower from her but I sincerely hope this doesn’t become even more tragic. I sincerely hope and pray this doesn’t turn into another August Ames-like tragedy (IIRC there was an article on here that said August was “sexually assaulted” on an adult film industry set in the months before her suicide, I don’t recall if penetration/rape was involved) and that Skyla can find it in her to survive her rape. I am so sorry Skyla (and August) had to go through that, it makes the industry look bad but more tragically rapes ruin lives.

  2. He looks like a bum they picked up living in a cardboard box out behind the studio. Put some effort into personal hygiene dude.

  3. Assuming Sekhmet’s source is correct Cel can go get fucked up the ass by an AIDS infected tranny and take his/her cum load straight up his ass!!!!! We don’t need rapists like him in this industry. The director of the scene can also take that AIDS infected tranny’s cum up his ass!!!!! Fuck all freeworld rapists and may they burn in Hell!!!!!

  4. Somebody asked “how does he become talent?” He’s a white male. Did I miss something?

  5. Anyone with enough money can be talent.

    Matthew Harris, please stop sharing your violent fantasies.

  6. Hes not a talent.. hes just a fat guy with money. He fucked Canela Skin, Nathaly Cherie, Kesha Ortega, Sensual Jane, Lana Ivans, Arianna Sinn, Kyra Hot, Sharon Pink and lot of other really good looking girls..

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