Riley Reynolds of @HussieModels Pulls a Crossover Male Scam

We previously talked about with Skyn Talent, trying to pull a crossover scam with the Rome Twins, but it turns out Riley Reynolds of Hussie Models is doing the same.

Riley Reynolds took gay male performer Timothy (who has appeared on sites such as  Corbin Fisher), renamed him Oliver Wilde and is repping him as new to the industry.

Yet he’s not new. Oliver Wilde has performed in gay porn under the name Timothy where he had bareback (no condom) sex with multiple men.

Recently he joined Twitter using the name @OliverFlynn93 and just after Riley Reynolds was tweeting about a new male talent he signed and posting pictures of shoots with him.

Here is a scene with Carolina Sweets where Oliver Wilde is going butt cheek to butt cheek with Riley Reynolds in a scene for Hussie Auditions.

Let there be no confusion, Riley Reynolds is trying to pass off a gay male performer who did multiple scenes in the gay industry without a condom — as new to the industry. He’s not new, he did several gay bareback scenes.

Now here he is banging Spiegler’s #1 girl, Abella Danger, along with Gina Valentina.


280723cookie-checkRiley Reynolds of @HussieModels Pulls a Crossover Male Scam

Riley Reynolds of @HussieModels Pulls a Crossover Male Scam

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  1. OMG! This dirtbag never ceases to amaze me and his u scrupulous business practices! I heard he NEVER has his male performers Shoot with a condom on wherever he shoots besides Florida! He looks like a strung out methhead to boot. I heard that too about his continued drug use. Rumor has it Gia Paige left him because of it along with poor representation as an agent prior but her parents doing any better for her? That scene I see was posted yesterday late afternoon so did he shoot this during the moratorium too?

  2. Evidently Riley is at least bi, Cosmo. It appears that his dick is up that guy’s ass and they are attempting to use the chick fucking the receptive guy’s dick while he has dick up his ass to attempt to cover it up. That is a shocker even from Riley, I didn’t seriously think he would fuck some other guy up the ass but the evidence is in the picture attached to this article! It doesn’t surprise me that he would pass a gay performer off to the straight/lesbian industry as a new performer and as not being homosexual, though. If Riley wants to fuck men up the ass that is fine with me but don’t drag unsuspecting female performers into the mix! BTW the Hussie Auditions site is used to showcase Riley’s hot new female talent, it was unnecessary for him to film himself fucking some dude up the ass while the receptive male’s dick is being rode by the new girl! Talk about taking advantage of new talent that doesn’t know any better — what if this was her first time fucking and her virginity was taken this way (as the girls on the site are mainly doing their first scenes that is a distinct possibility)?

  3. You can easily look a that picture and notice there’s no Dick up any male performers’ ass. I even checked out the scene itself and no guy is getting penetrated. Even the writer says “they’re ass cheek to ass cheek.” It’s obviously because they’re double penetrating her in the vagina while she’s rides them. Y’all need to examine it closer or go to the actual scene itself. Yes, he has done gay porn for Corbin Fisher under the name Timothy with a total of 5 scenes but out of the 5; 3 of them are gay with males, 1 is with a woman, and the last one is solo. That was the only gay porn studio he worked for. There wasn’t several gay porn scenes. Several would at least Be about 7-8 or maybe 5 but 3 is only a few. However, if the issue here is about penetration there’s only 2 and it’s common knowledge that in gay porn they test all of their models before a bareback scene. It even says so before the porn plays. I believe straight porn does the exact same thing so I honestly don’t see the big deal if that’s what you’re worried about. If however the issue is branding him as brand new to the industry, then I can see your point half way. Corbinfisher is in the gay porn industry and Hussie Pass is in the straight porn industry soooo he is still Brand new to a segment of the industry, but as a whole industry no he isn’t new. It’s not like doing 3 scenes makes you world renown though.

  4. Not all crossovers are a risk. I happen to recruit for Corbin Fisher and they use the same type of test on their performers that other talent uses

  5. I don’t have a problem with Corbin Fisher or gay porn in general. My concern is using the poor girl as a beard of sorts for her first scene. Even if that is two dicks in Carolina’s holes (it does not appear to be from the picture) that should not be a performer’s first scene — especially a young performer likely losing her virginity on camera. A DP as a first scene is enough to scare away a lot of talent, it isn’t something most people ever do and certainly not a young, nubile, barely legal woman. She is 23 as of May 2020, she was only 20-21 when this was filmed. Either scenario would be a terrible introduction to sex, DPs should only be done by experienced porn performers after a lot of coaching by knowledgeable male talent and directors.

  6. If Legal Porno is doing the two dicks in a girl or two guys fucking each other up the ass while one puts his dick in the girl for a teenaged girl’s first scene I have a big problem with it. If they can give informed consent, that is on them. I don’t think Carolina had done or probably even seen either a DP or a beard scene before her first scene with Riley and Co (who do not have anything to do with Legal Porno and probably don’t even send talent to them). That isn’t “informed consent” IMO. Most of what I have heard of coming out of Legal Porno is MILFs and all of them having performed for quite a while before doing their scene with them. I know of several LP MILF performers that enjoyed their time over in Europe working for them. However, I don’t have familiarity with their whole portfolio of sites and scenes so I can’t speak knowledgeably about them.

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