Agents should protect performers, not lie to their faces!

An outed gay male performer who now goes by the name Ryan Rome posted a video to his Twitter account saying he is sorry, but it shouldn’t matter what his, or his twin brother’s sexuality is.


He doesn’t seem to understand that what his sexuality is, isn’t the issue. The problem is that he is a “crossover” from one industry to the other. The gay and straight industries don’t have the same testing protocols and the gay industry has an extremely high rate of HIV transmission, which is why so many people won’t work with crossover male talent.

It’s okay to be gay! Nobody is saying these grown adults don’t have the right to make whatever decision they want with their own lives.

The problem isn’t that he and his brother are gay or that he has worked in gay porn, the problem is that he and his agent lied about it and as a result put performers they worked with at a higher risk for being exposed to HIV without their knowledge.

If you are a high-risk performer it’s not okay to lie about it and put your scene partner at risk. Just like he and his brother chose to do what they do in their lives, they should give their scene partner enough respect to make their own INFORMED decision. They can’t make an informed decision when they are lied to by Ryan Rome, his twin brother and their agent Gregg Dodson of Skyn Talent.

What you want to do with your life or who you want to do is your business.

But that doesn’t give you the right to lie and hide your risk factor to others. August Ames fought for her right to choose and now here we are a year later, still having crossover male talent lying.

Maybe the Rome brothers aren’t really aware of why what they did was wrong. They weren’t around in mainstream when August Ames died. But their agent, Gregg Dodson of Skyn Talent was. He knew better and yet he still tried to pull off this scam.

Now it turns out Gregg Dodson of Skyn Talent isn’t the only one doing this. Riley Reynolds of Hussie Models has done it too and has gotten away with it for months!

Aren’t agents supposed to work to protect the talent, not put them in harm’s way?


280842cookie-checkAgents should protect performers, not lie to their faces!

Agents should protect performers, not lie to their faces!

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