Riley Reynolds of Hussie Models Caught Up In Another Crossover Lie!!

As we exposed earlier this week, Riley Reynolds hired a gay male performer, renamed him Oliver Wilde and pretended he was straight and new to the industry.  Turns out there is much more to this male crossover scam.

As you might imagine, quite a few performers were upset that he was booking Oliver Wilde, not revealing his status as an active gay male performer.

What does Riley have to say in response? He claims he told producers and it was their responsibility to reveal Oliver Wilde’s status to his co-stars, not his.

So we made a few phone calls and as expected they denied Riley ever told them anything and one even went on to reveal that not only did Riley Reynolds not tell them the truth, that they just found out that Oliver Wilde was in a gay scene on Tuesday – yes Tuesday – DURING THE MORATORIUM!!!

Riley Reynolds it seems has a history of hiring gay male performers and inserting them into mainstream porn without making their female co-stars aware of their risky history.

Does this guy look familiar?

That’s none other than Jax Slayher of Hussie Models.

But it doesn’t stop there! Kyle Mason of Hussie Models is a very active crossover who also goes by the name of Lucas Knight who you may have seen on sights such as “Queen Me Now“.

Again we aren’t here judging anyone for being gay. What or who a person wants to do is their own business. All we are saying is, you need to be honest about it and share your status as a crossover so that your scene partners can make an informed decision if they want to take the extra risk and work with you or not.

A person has the right to be with whoever they want to be – gay, straight, bi-sexual. That’s on you. It’s your right, your decision. You are an adult. You can make whatever decision you want.

But what’s not okay is when you lie about it or try and cover it up. It’s not okay for your agent to do so either.

You are putting performers in mainstream porn at a higher risk of exposure and not allowed them the right to make an informed decision.

It’s fraud.

It’s deceitful.

And it speaks volumes about your character and that of your agents.


281613cookie-checkRiley Reynolds of Hussie Models Caught Up In Another Crossover Lie!!

Riley Reynolds of Hussie Models Caught Up In Another Crossover Lie!!

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8 Responses

  1. OMG!! Are you kidding me? Riley Reynolds main male talent that was in Hot Girls Wanted Turned On is now being exposed? What is Kylie Quinn going to say? What are the producers of the documentary going to say? After all it was all shot without a condom on Jax Slayher for the scene?

    This man, Riley Reynolds is truly a loose cannon and is on a path of destruction it seems. Maybe he is secretly bisexual too? Only Mike South can find that out. After all he and Donte Bumpus aka Jax Slayher are both from Brandon, Florida so they go way back.

  2. Riley needs to be permabanned from porn and join Mr. Marcus and Donny Long on the sidelines on the outside and wishing they were in.

  3. The correct name is Jonte Bumpus not Donte Bumpus as posted above and is aka Jax Slayher. It ceases to amaze me the deception that Hussie Models creates about their worth, their integrity and their over inflated advertised image of their company. This proves that you have to dissect and investigate what you read on the Internet. Do your homework people. That’s if you you want to help yourself and the people being deceived, used and abused by anyone or any business you count on for your livelihood. Not just the porn industry.

  4. The industry simply has to get a handle on this…or risk simultaneous splintering & government regulation.

  5. It was a dildo and last time I checked, personal dildos are not a risk for STDs if you wash them if someone else used them

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