Performers Fight Back Against AB2389 With Performer.Training

When news of California’s AB2389 hit, we were devastated to learn that politicians, who have no real understanding of how our industry works, would try and force background checks, fingerprinting, and other unneeded regulation on our performers. After much back and forth with those working on the bill, we learned that their goal (or so they say) is to educate and inform those in our industry of their rights, and about health and safety issues.

If in fact that is true and this bill is just about education, then we’re happy to announce that a team of industry professionals has been working on this very issue since 2018.

Chad White and Alana Evans, president of the Adult Performers Actors Guild, along with other industry professionals, began work on a project that would educate and inform adult performers on a variety of important subjects such as STD’s, breast cancer awareness, sexual harassment, performer rights, talent agents, 2257, and human trafficking,

Performers Fight Back Against AB2389 With Performer.Training

This is not something that was thrown together at the last minute, or that will cost the taxpayers of the state of California more than a million dollars to put together. It’s something that, with the help of a dedicated group of adult industry professionals, we were able to put together and fine-tune over time.

We don’t need to milk the California taxpayers to do something we as an industry can provide.

This is somethign we’ve been working hard on for years. It’s an online class, including certification that all performers can register online, for free.  The information we provide comes from various government sources and experts in their given field.

  • We obtained STD information from the CDC.
  • We worked with the California Department of Labor to get information about talent agents, and to comply with their requests for sexual harassment education.
  • To teach performers about human trafficking, we got information from the US Department of Health and Human Services.

In addition, we consulted with attorneys with experience in the adult industry, medical professionals, experienced performers and production companies, talent agents, and performer advocacy groups. ALL WITHOUT COSTING TAXPAYERS OR PERFORMERS A SINGLE DIME.

Under our program, any person who wishes to work in the adult industry can visit our website ( and register for a free account (when it’s launched). Then they can take our class which to date covers a variety of vital topics on working in the adult industry, including:

  • A basic understanding of the adult industry structure
  • Performer Rights
  • Talent Safety
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Talent Agents
  • Working with Production Companies
  • A basic primer on social media
  • The laws regarding creating your own content
  • Extensive STD/STI information (Herpes, HPV, HIV/AIDS, Gonorrhea, Syphilis)
  • Adult Industry Testing Protocols
  • Breast Cancer awareness
  • Human Trafficking
  • The laws regarding 2257s and Model Releases Forms
  • Saving Money and Paying Taxes

We are also working to expand our current offerings and provide additional information through experts as the need arises.

Once a performer completes our online course, they will be given a certificate of completion that they can provide to their talent agent, or production companies to show that they have completed the course.

In addition, we store a copy of the certificate of certification so that any studio, director, producer, or talent agent who wishes to verify that a person has taken our course may do so.

  • Our class is online and works via the web or on all mobile devices.
  • Our certification program is free. To ensure that the courses are available to everyone because not everyone can afford the classes on their own – we give them out for free. All funding for the certification classes has been provided by adult industry production companies.

Simply put, the only way to make this system work is to have cooperation from multiple sources including producers, companies, and talent agents.

We need a commitment from industry professionals who will say that they will require everyone they work with to go through the training program. We have to be able to show the California lawmakers that we not only have a system in place but that we have a commitment by the industry itself to see it through.

We need your help to make this system a reality.

We need a commitment from you that you’ll require certification from any adult performer you work with.

Can we count on you?

We need your commitment to make this project a success. We can’t do it without you. We must show that the industry as a whole is committed to the education of the performers about vital health and safety issues.

We are not a government organization. We are trying to work together as an industry to keep out government regulation. And remember this class is provided 100% free. No performer will have to pay a single penny for this.

Can we count on you?


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Performers Fight Back Against AB2389 With Performer.Training

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  1. What about prostate and testicular cancer awareness? Is APAG pro women or pro actor?

  2. Kelli, I would have to see the actual educational materials to make a determination but this all sounds like an excellent idea. I would be willing to take a look and if I see anything missing or out of order make a note of them in an e-mail to you. You should already have my e-mail address to contact me if you are interested in me reviewing the educational materials, it is the same one I have used since 2005. I don’t have an Android or iPhone but I do have a computer running Linux (Xubuntu) that I can use to make sure everything works right on that OS but since Firefox pretty much works the same on Linux as it does on Windows I haven’t really ran into any problem with a webpage being wonky on Linux in years. Many times the Linux version of Firefox works better than the more common Windows version. Of course I also have access to Windows.

  3. @smoke_the_one: We are working on adding a section about prostate cancer but our source at the time of publication didn’t come through yet however we do have something like that which will be added in the future.

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