Happy Birthday James Bartholet

Just days away from the 2021 Xrco Awards and the Ynot Cammunity Show, Inside the Industry host James Bartholet had a private Birthday Party. Gigi Dior, Honey Hayes, Harley Dean, Madi Meadows, Marica Hase, Misty Stone, and Loni Legend were just some of the stars spotted, the perfect way to kick off an absolutely crazy week, Thanks, James. Follow him on Twitter: https://twitter.com/JamesBartholet Photos: Gordon/Sherman @emmreport

James needs very little introduction, Be sure to check out James XM radio show, KNown to have some interesting guests. Industry insider and porn Guru and Publicist James is at the tip-top of his game.  He has some of the most interesting guests as he is an interesting host. Loud Applauses for James.

Follow James Bartholet and see what he is up to. Wherever there is a party and social event that matters, you will find James, always the entertainer and life of the party.

Looking forward to seeing more of James Bartholet at the future XRCO ward shows, not to mention AVN and X Biz, just to name a few.

Definalty tune in to his Radio Show, Not a pod cast but a true X M radio show with top guests.


Happy Birthday James and many many more happy B days to come.



704352cookie-checkHappy Birthday James Bartholet

Happy Birthday James Bartholet

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