Goodbye @OnlyFans … Hello @Fancentro!

It’s now been confirmed that OnlyFans is banning all adult content as of October 1st. They have emailed all their subscribers to let them know. This is not a rumor or speculation it is a FACT.

Here is the specific rule (as of October 1, 2021)

Do not upload, post, display, or publish Content on OnlyFans that:

  • shows, promotes, advertises or refers to “sexually explicit conduct”, which means:
  • actual or simulated sexual intercourse, including genital-genital, oral-genital, anal-genital, or oral-anal, between persons of any sex;
  • actual or simulated masturbation;
  • any exhibition of the anus or genitals of any person which is extreme or offensive;
  • actual or simulated material depicting bodily fluids commonly secreted during sexual conduct;

So now what? Well, don’t go crazy. The sky isn’t falling. There are STABLE alternatives.

Just so you know FanCentro is offering a special program to help you migrate all your OnlyFans content and your members to their platform. Signup up now and get that shit started!!

Don’t feel like you have to lose posting of your content over the years. Fancentro’s migration system will help you with all of that! Go check it out now at FanCentro.

With the official announcement that OnlyFans will be banning adult content in October, millions of content creators have been left in the dark. If you’ve been affected by this news, we’re here to help! FanCentro is now and has always been 100% welcoming of adult and explicit content, and we support and care about the influencers on our platform. We want to help you save your content, continue making money, and provide a safe space to share whatever you choose!

FanCentro Influencers Will Receive 100% Payouts On All Purchases Made By New Fans From Now Until October 1st. After That, You’ll Continue To Receive 80% Payouts From New Users.

697953cookie-checkGoodbye @OnlyFans … Hello @Fancentro!

Goodbye @OnlyFans … Hello @Fancentro!

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  1. I think more than 10 years. They have several companies like AdultCentro (which was a content company). I can remember doing business with them at least 10 years ago. Then there is ModelCentro, for models to have their own membership sites. Then there is FanCentro (like OnlyFans), then there is CentroBill, which is like CCBill.

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