Fame Registry @FameRegistry Gets a Major Makeover

After more than ten years online, FameRegistry.com gets an extensive makeover. The site which is a who’s who of famous porn stars, not only got a graphical overhaul but the database was expanded from 350 to now include more than 5,000 female porn stars.

“I’ve worked really hard over the last few months to update the Fame Registry database. I’ve been tracking porn star popularity for more than a decade but now we take it up a notch to include biographies with greater emphasis on awards and special honors they have won,” says Kelli Roberts, who runs the Fame Registry website.

Fame Registry’s database now includes every winner of every award ever won for the AVN Awards, XBIZ Awards, Nightmoves Awards, XRCO Awards, and the Pornhub Awards. Fame Registry also lists each award won on the performer’s biography page.

“We now track and report special honors such as the Girlsway Girl of the Month, the Cherry Pimps Cherry of the Month, Penthouse Pet of the month, Twistys Treat of the Month and the Vixen Angel of the Month. It’s a big deal for girls to win these special titles and we wanted to make sure that each of our biography pages makes note of these honors,” notes Kelli Roberts.

Fame Registry uses proprietary algorithms that take into account several measures of popularity for porn stars. The primary forms of measure include who people are looking for when they search for porn stars using major search engines like Google, and Bing. In addition, we factor in the popularity of a porn star’s official website, social media following, and the number of awards they have won from AVN, XBIZ, NightMoves, XRCO and PornHub. All of this information is combined to determine who really is the best of the best.

This month’s top 10 porn stars include:

  1. Riley Reid
  2. Stormy Daniels
  3. Sara Jay
  4. Sophie Dee
  5. Nikki Benz
  6. Lisa Ann
  7. Mia Malkova
  8. Romi Rain
  9. Kendra Lust
  10. Valentina Nappi

Fame Registry is updated once a month with new rankings. To find out how your favorite porn performer ranks you can check out the popularity reports at FameRegistry.com.

You can also follow Fame Registry on Twitter @FameRegistry.


514010cookie-checkFame Registry @FameRegistry Gets a Major Makeover

Fame Registry @FameRegistry Gets a Major Makeover

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7 Responses

  1. When I see Sara Jay a retired porn girl at #3 I have to question how accurate this list is. She is more popular then Lena Paul who isn’t even on the top 10 list?

  2. Sara Jay was also a niche performer. I suspect (unintentionally) that some niches may be over-represented on these lists in general (and not just Kelli’s Fame Registry). Also, Sara has been around for at least 15 years whereas Lena Paul (although much more attractive to the general fapping public) has only been in the business for a couple of years. Not all of the people on the featured top ten list are ugly, for example Sophie Dee is stunningly beautiful, Riley Reid is adorable and Kendra Lust is far from ugly.

    Stormy Daniels has been in the biz for at least 15 years and also made herself better known by fucking Donald Trump and getting herself sued in a stupid decision to fight the leader of the free world. I bet Stormy would say it wasn’t worth it today to blab about fucking The Donald, she got herself arrested not verifying the legality of her stripper act in Ohio in a politically driven arrest (admittedly, she looked hot with her hands cuffed tightly and helplessly behind her, maybe a porn director will hire her to reprise her arrest for the fapping public with an added scene of getting fucked up the ass in a jail cell by an overly amorous and rapey piggifer, played by male performer Evan Stone) and cost herself $300K by not keeping her mouth shut about being a high priced hooker.

    I think the length of time in the business is a large factor in the most popular performer lists. All of the performers listed here have been in porn at least five years whereas Lena Paul has (again) only been in porn for 2-3 years.

  3. I don’t know where you are getting Sara Jay is retired. 6 hours ago she just posted her schedule of appearances. She’s very active. Even her onlyfans was last updated 16 hours ago.
    And she just recently did a camsoda show. So no, Sara Jay is not retired.

  4. As far as Lena Paul goes, it’s really just a numbers game. I mean we all have our favorites, but how I do the numbers are legit, with all public information. How many times a day does someone google “Lena Paul”, compared to say Sara Jay?

    They are very close in numbers. But then you have to factor in other things like how many followers does each have on twitter? How many awards has Lena Paul won?

    How many honors as Lena Paul been given such as Penthouse Pet, Girlsway Girls of the month, etc.?

    All of these things are factored in.

    And honestly being 31 is very impressive.
    She’s 15 on PornHub and 185 on freeones.

    But it’s understandable she’s 15 on PornHub because she’s not and hot and those pornhub rankings are based on video views alone.

    I try and include the rankings calculations on a variety of factors, not just one. I think it makes it more fair.

  5. I made an attempt to explain my position and fucked it up. I don’t think anyone is accusing you of having favorites and goosing the numbers to reflect that. A business professor colleague once told me that (computational) statistics (he called it sadistics) was a very difficult subject and that it was impossible to get right. There is always a bias in the numbers and most of the time it isn’t intentional, it is just the nature of statistical computation (you may have heard of the “margin of error” in statistics, there is always one and sometimes it is impossible to compute appropriately). In the type of statistics you do it is going to be very difficult if not impossible to get it perfect, you have an extremely difficult job with Fame Registry (I can only hope it makes you enough money to make it worth all of the work). It isn’t like accounting where there isn’t any unintentional bias in the numbers and if you follow GAAP or GAAS the numbers will be completely correct (except for possibly depreciation schedules). All you can do is try your best to come up with a formula that is mostly bias-free.

  6. That is OK, Kelli. Statistics is extremely difficult to understand and explain, I don’t envy statistics professors. Also, you put a lot of work into Fame Registry, probably at least hundreds of hours (that is obvious), unfortunately, from an accounting standpoint I don’t see much of a direct financial return from it for you but it might drive business to your PR firm and people buying your books so determining total profitability for the site would be difficult (this is similar to the problem of determining profitability for adult movies nowadays when they are put up on subscription sites where a company like New Sensations sells access to tens of thousands of scenes for $29.95 per month — how do you add the pro rata revenue of the streaming site to easily determinable DVD and straight download revenue to determine if a movie was profitable — I taught this shit and even I don’t really know short of hundreds of hours of database research work every month (for a company like New Sensations or AdultTime) determining exactly how many times each scene was streamed compared to total streaming time and streaming site revenue each month, not worth the cost IMO). Your work on the site is appreciated, though — even if some people find things to criticize about it.

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