Director Ivan Itzkowitz is accused of sexual assault. But there is more to the story! Exclusive

Ivan Itzkowitz known on twitter as @ivanitz3rd,  first came to our attention last year when an insider leaked us some information about him shooting for BangBros without getting proper releases for the locations. “ILLEGALLY SHOOTING PORN CAN HURT THE ENTIRE INDUSTRY,” the message said.

And the person who sent us the information about Ivan was right. If he was to get busted not only would it cost him, his entire crew, the performers and the entire industry would be looked down upon. All because refuses to follow the rules. He’s one of those guys who think the rules don’t apply to him.

Ivan Itzkowitz Papi ivanitz3rd

Before we get too deep into that, let me be clear this guy isn’t an employee of BangBros. He’s an independent producer who shoots scenes and then sells them to other companies. As an independent producer, he’s responsible for getting all the proper paperwork done.

As a result of several incidents with Ivan, BangBros no longer shoots Public Bang shoots in the US.

Fast forward and Dolly Leigh came forward with her own story of Ivan.

I was pressured and manipulated into sex I didn’t want to have and said I didn’t want to have and said I didn’t want to have with a prominent director. I had trouble admitting what he did does qualify as assault … I wanted to make excuses. Excuses make it easier to deal with.

Because, after being driven under a bridge in the dark with no one around, fearing what would happen if I tried to get out, I gave in and laid there and “let” it happen, despite telling him a billion times that night I did not want to fuck him.

I just wanted to go back to the model house and go to bed. I tried to call an Uber, but he insisted he could drive me. I told him only if he was going to take me right back, that I wouldn’t fuck him, that I just wanted to go to bed.

I’d slept with him consensually once before that, which is part of what makes saying something so hard. I know that will be brought up. While it actually doesn’t change anything about the situation or make it any more acceptable, I know people will see it that way. I acted like it was fine after, knew that would be brought up, and people would call me a liar.

Because I gave in, laid there, and let it happen … after being pushed and pressured and driven to somewhere where I was isolated … it wouldn’t count.

I got a call from someone the next day warning me to stay away from him, that he’s forced himself on numerous women. I told a girl we had both been friends with about what the guy who called told me later … and she said it happened to her, too. So I’ve warned girls …but just say “this guy assaulted a friend of mine”.

I know it will be brought up that I had a few polite texts after. Yes, I was acting like nothing had happened because it was easier that way at the time.

A lot of people are calling out BangBros. However, I spoke to Dolly and she herself points out that her situation with Ivan was not on a BangBros’s shoot. she in fact has never shot with BangBros.

Dolly Leigh isn’t the only one coming forward with their sexual assault stories about Ivan.

Much to nobody’s surprise, Charlotte Cross chimed in claiming something similar happened to her in Florida. Then again, can anyone think of a scandal in our industry that Charlotte Cross hasn’t somehow claimed to be a part of?

But there are some more serious legit allegations against Ivan. Norah Nova had this to say about her time working with Ivan.

Elana Koshka had this to say about Ivan ….

He took me to his place and fucked the shit out of me in a very violent manner, I still act civil around him cuz his public reputation is funny so I just try to forget the Ivan I’ve seen behind closed doors… I prefer to giggle at his humor instead of remembering the bs


And Macy Marx has her own story about Ivan.

In February of this year, NBC Miami ran a story about Ivan’s public bang shoots. Public indecency is a crime and if caught can get you listed on the sex offenders database.

Ivan has shot scenes along the side of the highway in clear view of cars driving by. And yes children could have been in any one of those cars.

Here Aidra Fox who was in one of those scenes tweets about it.

Aidra Fox Ivan Public Bang

Aidra Fox Ivan Public Bang

Ashley Adams was on set with Ivan when the cops showed up. She got damn lucky and didn’t get arrested.

Ashley Adams

Ivan’s shot scenes on sacred Seminole tribal lands. This is one claim he still disputes however there is evidence to the contrary.

We spoke with a representative from the Seminole tribal council who assures us he never informed, cleared, insured or paid a location fee to use any of their land — EVER. They went on to say, even if he tried, they would have never approved.

They don’t allow porn to be shot on tribal lands.

But guess what? Ivan did it anyway. And here is the proof. The scene itself.

Still, that’s not his worse offense. There are many more, far worse examples. But none of them are as bad as what he did to Dolly Leigh.

Ivan is a low life and we hope that companies who have been using his services will cease.

** Update: Since our article was published Hime Marie has come forward with her own story about Ivan.




475751cookie-checkDirector Ivan Itzkowitz is accused of sexual assault. But there is more to the story! Exclusive

Director Ivan Itzkowitz is accused of sexual assault. But there is more to the story! Exclusive

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  1. Theoretically he should join Mr. Marcus on the banned for life list but hardly no one flunks out of porn for life.

  2. I honestly don’t think accusations against industry people should be reported in the media anymore. It’s pointless. Just let geniuses like Elena Koshka weigh in and leave it at that.

  3. If what Elena claims is true she is a rape victim. I don’t agree with letting it slide but if that is what she chooses to do, don’t mock her over it. Also, maybe she went vigilante over it and had some strapping male siblings, her father, uncles and/or friends fuck Ivan up (maybe having them put his head in a vice after breaking his ribs, kneecaps and knocking 20 of his teeth down his throat) to punish him rather than involve the pig patrol and district asshole’s department. We don’t know from the information presented to us. In the case of rape I think calling the police is a smart thing to do unless you plan to deal with it as a vigilante. Both are morally acceptable IMO when dealing with a rapist.

  4. I’m glad this POS is getting his comeuppance. There have been mumblings about his antics for a while.

  5. Preston, I agree that he needs a pound of flesh torn off of him. I hope one of these girls families get together and fuck his ass up. Sending him to prison to get anally raped repeatedly himself along with other tortures, no medical care, shitty food and savage beatings would make me even happier!

  6. So while this dude is def guilty of breaking the law, i dont buy for a second that the women “had no idea” or whatever of what they were doing. Typical woman trying to scapegoat the man in the situation and absolve themselves of all agency. They are all equally guilty

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