Did Adriana Chechik @adrianachechik lose her OnlyFans account and are you next?

Adrian chechik Rumors have been flying that the sky is falling, OnlyFans is on a witch hunt, banning porn stars left and right who are known escorts. Turns out that isn’t true. We spoke with representatives from OnlyFans to confirm these rumors and they were quite generous with their time, going over a laundry list of OnlyFans rumors.

Adriana Chechik is constantly being suspended on social media

While it is true they are banning some accounts, it is for very good reason.

Companies like OnlyFans, Manyvids, ModelCentro, and FanCentro (and so on) have to answer to credit card companies. They have strict regulations that every company must comply with and that means those of us who use those services must comply with those rules as well.

In August we provided a list of banned titles. So if you produce a scene you can’t use any of these words in the title. This includes words like force, gangrape, brutal, daddy, blackmail, children, rape and so on. It’s a long list.

But just naming your video something inappropriate isn’t the only thing that Visa and Mastercard regulate. They also don’t allow us to produce a certain kind of content including urinating. This means if you create a video where you piss on someone or pretend to rape someone — that could get your OnlyFans account banned.

They cannot allow you to sell content on their platform that violates Visa and Mastercard’s rules. It’s nothing personal, they have to comply with the rules or they can’t process credit cards. Without the ability to process payments, they are out of business.

The other thing that you can’t do is escort related business on platforms like OnlyFans. If a fan contacts you and says, “Hey I’m a huge fan and would love to have sex with you. Would you go on a date with me for $1,500?”

Now if the girl responds and says, “Sorry I won’t consider anything less than $5,000 an hour.”

This actually could potentially get your account banned, even though no actual money changed hands. You can’t conduct sex for sale business on platforms like OnlyFans, and ModelCentro, etc.

You can’t go around soliciting random people to have sex off of Craigslist and not think it won’t be a problem.

Adriana Chechik

If you go to Adriana Chechik OnlyFans page you see something strange … an error message.

This is what you see if you go to someone else’s OnlyFans, like Riley Reid.

Notice the difference?

All of Adriana Chechik media has been removed – all photos and all videos.

She’s posted quite a few urination videos in the past, including one video where she and another performer urinated in the backseat of an Uber driver’s car.

While OnlyFans did not comment specifically as to why they suspended Adriana Chechik’s account they did have this to say ….

There has been a crackdown on the terms of service regarding advertising escorting. There are some pretty clear cut cases of misusing the platform to secure deposits and negotiate rates in dm and that is clearly a severe breach. So in those cases, our T&S team have been pretty heavy-handed on removing those accounts.

If you don’t want to lose your OnlyFans account we suggest you are very careful with not only the type of content you post but that you do not under any circumstances discuss escorting or fucking fans.

  • Do not post content that includes urination or poop.
  • Do not post content that implies you are having sex with any family member. Always – always make it clear it’s a fantasy and that it’s your step-brother or step-mom. Never imply even if just a fantasy that the person is blood-related.
  • Do not post content that involves animals or anyone who is under 18.
  • Do not post content that implies both parties don’t fully consent – even if just fantasy. CONSENT IS KING!
  • Do not host or promote “fuck a fan” events, this includes contests where the prize is having sex with you.
  • Do not discuss escorting of any kind – even in “private messages”
  • Do not post content where you imply or act like you are super drunk or high — especially high. You can’t legally consent while drunk or high.
  • When you post a scene make sure you have not only a model release sign for all parties in the scene but that you have a copy of each person’s ID. If you need a copy of the forms, you can get them from the APAG union’s website for free.

Please don’t let others scare you into thinking that OnlyFans or any of the other platforms are on some sort of anti-escorting witch hunt. They aren’t — but they do have rules and regulations that they must adhere to and that means if you want to use their platform, you too must follow those rules.




521620cookie-checkDid Adriana Chechik @adrianachechik lose her OnlyFans account and are you next?

Did Adriana Chechik @adrianachechik lose her OnlyFans account and are you next?

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10 Responses

  1. anyone who follows chechik’s feed knows why she got banned. It was those pisisng videos. she posts them all the time.

  2. Adriana no doubt was banned because of the nature of her outrageous content. Pissing in Uber drivers cars just because the driver failed to pull over fast enough for her.

    Pissing on Escalators and having sex on a open convention AVN floor is not going to help either.

    What did her in this time was on her only fans content platform where she repeatedly was warned to refrain from the eye opening acts of soliciting “fans” to fuck her and be in the content material and ask for money openly. Adriana is trying an angle of garnering public attention by manipulation, leading a fear monger campaign by blaming escorting yet solicits on Craig list for random males to shoot content with her. No test No problem is dangerous and dumb.

  3. Is your porn so boring you have to resort to bodily fluids & family banging porn to survive?

  4. Anyone that pisses in a Uber, taxi, town car or Lyft because the driver doesn’t get pulled over fast enough deserves to have her AVN awards shoved up her ass so far that they come out of her throat! Any XBIZ or XRCO awards Adriana has should also be shoved up her ass as far as they will go! Go put THAT on Craigs List, RedTube, Only Fans or PornHub, Adriana!!!!! The $100 fee that Uber charges for dirtying the inside of a Uber car doesn’t even begin to compensate that poor driver for replacing his now urine soaked back seat, carpeting and God knows what else. I want to know what drugs Adriana Chechik was high on that evening because I want some. 🙂

  5. “No test, no problem” is going to get Adriana on lots of “NO FUCKING WAY!!!!!” lists. How long before literally everyone in Vegas and Chatsworth is going to refuse to work with her. Adriana’s drunk or high hijinks are going to cost her a career and tens of thousands of dollars. I know I wouldn’t fuck her with a ten foot pole coated in penicillin, gentian violet, Neosporin and Truvada right now! What the fuck is Adriana Chechik thinking right now — and what drug is she doing the thinking with?????

  6. You guys are all wrong. She got her account zapped because she posted a video saying she fucked her father. No not “daddy” I mean she actually claimed the man was her father and that she was a good daughter by fucking him.

  7. Justice, if Adriana (even fake) claimed to fuck her father and then made video of it she is one sick pup. Maybe she needs a couple of years in porn purgatory to teach her a lesson.

  8. They gave her account back but deleted all her private messages and all of her posted content from June 7 to November 1. She then posted a message to her fans confirming what you guys have been saying all along that she got busted for.

    Looks like my account is back guys! I do not know what to say… it has been a very stressful week trying to deal with this. It looks like the terms of services for Onlyfans has changed since the days I have first been on here. I will need to be careful with the language and what I post. I am glad I am able to communicate with all of you again. All my messages were deleted and so if I am not sure where we were in a convo or who exactly you are I apologize. You may need to refresh my memory. Please note there are certain things I will no longer be able to post here or even talk about in my messages with you. Certain sex acts will not even be able to be mentioned/typed. Please do not get upset with me if I simply say “I am not permitted to talk about that.” Please know that I am at the discretion of Onlyfans and if I wish to stay on this platform I need to follow these rules. I suggest reading their terms and services to better understand.

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