Camsoda (Will Pay Models $500 to Have Their Instagram Accounts Deleted)

So we all already know the obvious issues with Instagram’s unfair censorship of adult models and how porn stars accounts are being deleted left and right even if no rules on the accounts were broken. It’s not just indisputable XXX-rated things that are getting adult models accounts and posts flagged; having posts that include implied nudity/see through clothing (pasties/blurring in post don’t count as clothing!), including an adult site/company’s watermark and/or website link, using sexually suggestive captions (ex: porn, pornstar, dick, pussy, etc), depiction of sex toys, etc can also lead to post deletion and eventually account termination. While this is clearly unfair and it’s bizarre that Instagram has this double standard with adult models versus “Instagram models”, that is not what this article is about (don’t worry though there are plenty more you can read). The “rules” for adult stars are definitely far more harsh on what’s allowed versus what isn’t and it’s become clear that in order to keep one’s account you must play Instagram’s game

Kendra Sunderland’s explanation of the many reasons photos/accounts can get disabled. She includes “having a website with .com on the picture” as well as “posting a link to a porn website”


However apparently some companies have not caught onto models accounts being taken for simply just working in adult. I have been informed that the webcam site “Camsoda” requires girls that it hires for promoted shows to advertise their upcoming live shows on Instagram through a post as well as on Instagram live. While Camsoda does offer a $500 flat starting rate to do the 90 minute cam show, it makes one wonder if the possibility of a models Instagram getting deleted is worth that. Below you can see the instructions of the social media promotion sent in a models call sheet where it clearly states how the promotion must be done in order to meet the sites standards. Not only do they want a page post (not just a story post) with a direct link to the model’s cam page they also want the model to go on Instagram live before the show to advertise it there. All of this is required to the point and they suggest putting the models cam link in her Instagram bio as well. Sex workers already have targets on their back for Instagram’s ban button, why is a cam site that is supposed to be on the models side be telling—sorry requiring—her to do things that could easily get her account flagged. The model said she was more than happy to promote the show on her NSFW twitter account just not her Instagram.


Camsoda call sheet given to model: “Social Media Posts: ******The most important part of the feature show is posting on your twitter/IG and snap that you’re LIVE with your Camsoda link. You can post as many times as you want during the day but the IM LIVE post is most important. With your link. Pls post on your IG story and your actual IG feed. Not just Story. Please go LIVE on your IG story 10 min before show time and direct your fans to your live show. It would also be appreciated if you put your Camsoda link in bio during your show time Pls do not go LIVE until this is posted.”


This call sheet was given to the model less than 36 hours before her show was supposed to happen, the model knew that she would have to promote the show on social media prior to getting the call sheet but didn’t know the rules on ‘how, what, and where’ to post were so specific. Having a issue with this, she contacted her agent with this concern who understood and forwarded it onto Camsoda whose reply back was less than understanding basically saying that in order for the model to be able to do the cam show and get paid for it, she has to make the required posts. From trying to throw in compromising phrases such as “she doesn’t have to post a link” but then still insisting on being tagged when they are an XXX page/site to going so far to throw in the idea that ‘many other girls do this every night’ implying the models who are uncomfortable with jeopardizing their Instagram accounts should just get over it and do it like everyone else.


Camsoda’s reply to a model’s concern about instagram promotion of upcoming cam show “Posting on ig is a requirement. She doesn’t have to post a link but tagging us and saying search [Model Name] is required. We do 4+ featured shows every night and all models have to post. She can take [it] down after the show if she wants.”

I’ve seen enough peoples posts get removed for the blatantly risqué photos, but have also seen enough posts get deleted for just belonging to the accounts that they do. Posts that direct people to go to OnlyFans (which isn’t even a strictly adult site) have gotten taken down as well as those that advertise the more obvious XXX sites such as clip stores, texting/Snapchat services, and yup guess what else: webcam sites! So while it’s obvious that a cam site would want such promotion on Instagram as the model will most likely have a big following, I think that they should also step back and realize that they’re asking girls they hire for their promoted shows to put their Instagram accounts at stake by posting high-risk content (as classified by IG). The model told Camsoda she would not be going live or posting on Instagram linking them so her show was cancelled.

After hearing about this, I was curious and reached out to some other models who’ve completed the Camsoda promoted show as well as agents who’ve worked with the company to find girls who would want to do it. One of them had mentioned that a model was ready to go in the cam room on the day of her show but because she hadn’t made the two required posts on her Instagram Camsoda refused to start her show until she did and its up to the model whether they want to comply with this or not, and if the latter will be giving up the current shoot as well as future ones for that company. A different model has reported that her Instagram account in fact did get disabled for this exact post Camsoda is telling girls they have to make and it’s definitely not the first or last time this will happen especially if Camsoda doesn’t change it’s advertising requirements for shows soon.

Overall I think companies that demand girls use Instagram for promotion of adult work/products should rethink their business tactics. Like I said above, I get where they’re coming from in trying to get the most views as possible, but again if they’re really trying to support these women by showcasing them on their site and help them build their brands they wouldn’t try and pressure a model into doing something she isn’t comfortable with no matter if its sticking a giant dildo up her ass or posting adverts for adult sites on every one of her personal pages even where they’re not allowed. With the number of adult stars who still use Instagram declining fast due to Instagram’s unfair censorship, how much longer will companies like this demand Instagram exposure from models in exchange for work?


For performers whose accounts have already been disabled, the Adult Performers Actors Guild (APAG) has been gathering names of stars and their former Instagram handles with hopes to file a formal complaint to Instagram about content removal/allowance double standard.


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Camsoda (Will Pay Models $500 to Have Their Instagram Accounts Deleted)

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  1. Camsoda is really greedy for money too. CamModels/Streammate, and MyFree Cams are better alternatives for the most part. More reasonable on the porn fans wallet.

  2. Welcome, femmepornbot. Unfortunately, I have to suggest not working for Camsoda until they rescind this asinine policy. It should be up to the cam model how to promote her live feed, even with Twitter theoretically such a post could cost them their account. Twitter is more lenient than Instagram but I have seen performers accounts deleted without a good reason there as well. I suspect some government agency official (maybe from the DOJ) tells Twitter and Instagram to delete certain performer accounts and rather than cause trouble with them they do so. The impetus causing the government to essentially order a performer’s account deleted is never stated to the performer, it could be some post they make or something they do that isn’t even on social media.

  3. Does CamSoda have all the details and specifications for their promoted shows posted somewhere? I’d be curious to learn all the details, requirements, ect.

  4. @Nate – Webcam Startup: no they don’t. All their explicit requirements such as this aren’t given to the model until her call sheet is given to her, I feel many girls wouldn’t agree to this shoot in the first place if they knew they’d have to put their instagram accounts at risk. This is the only real requirement that stands out, the rest of the call sheet looks like one for any other set.

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