Building Your Brand #PornStar #Advice Your Name is Your Brand

I recently wrote a post about branding. I talked about the difference between YOU and your brand.

Today I want to talk about your name. If you are an established porn star this might not be relevant to you. This is for all those aspiring porn stars and content creators.

Your performer name is your brand. If you performer under the name “Kitty Comes” then “Kitty Comes” is your brand.

This is why it’s important to think carefully about the name you pick when it comes to your performer persona.

If you name yourself Jennifer Love Do It, (after Jennifer Love Hewitt), it can confuse fans who will always associate your name with hers.

Don’t try and merge your brand or copy someone else’s. You want your own.

There was once a porn star who named herself after one of Britney Spear’s sons. She had just had a baby when the porn star was starting her career and thought, for some reason, it would be a good idea to name herself that.

The problem is, this porn star will never be as famous as Britney Spears or any of her offspring so when people go looking for that name, they probably won’t find her, they’ll find the real celebrity.

There is a famous artist who is known worldwide for his work. Some porn star has decided to start using HIS name as her brand.

Why? Because trust me when I say it’s only hurting you. People go and Google that name, they will find news about HIM, his art, and not the girl in question.



Your brand should be your own. It should be unique to you.

There will only ever be one Jenna Jameson.

There will only ever be one Britney Spears.

There will only ever be one Paris Hilton or Selena Gomez or Kim Kardashian.

They have built their brand. Now it’s time to build your own brand. Be unique. Don’t copy someone else. When I google your porn name, I should find YOU.

The easier you make it for people to find you, the more likely they will find you.

See how simple that is?

That’s why your brand name needs to be unique to you.


675110cookie-checkBuilding Your Brand #PornStar #Advice Your Name is Your Brand

Building Your Brand #PornStar #Advice Your Name is Your Brand

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3 Responses

  1. Maybe you should forward this post to Rachel Raxxx and the new girl who named herself Sabrina Snow.

  2. Samantha Sainz????? Really????? That is too close to Samantha Saint for my BS detector. I just did a Google search with that name — the first page is almost all professional links like LinkedIn for different people with that name, I guess starting out you would expect something like that in general. I am surprised it didn’t come up with Samantha Saint entries, though. A direct search for Samantha Saint comes up with the usual pornographic entries so it really surprises me that Ms. Sainz’s name doesn’t come up with the same entries as for Ms. Saint.

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