My New Diet The Adella Diet

adella dancing
adella dancing

Porn is slow in the news department, so maybe some goofiness is in order…Have fun with it!

In honor of my long time friend and reader Adella, winner of the Mike South Pick The winners contest and for whom The State of Georgia named a town  when she won. I have started a new diet fad.

Adella is now a fairly adamant Vegan and all the touchy feel good internet BS stories about children joining hands in some south African dust farm finds its way to her facebook comments…So without further ado I have decided to start the Adella Diet

You can’t eat anything that does not have a face, eyes or a heart.

I had to throw the heart thing in there for some veggies and stuff.., every southerner knows potatoes have eyes. Celery has hearts, so does lettuse….well you get the idea.

We love ya Adell  and should anyone need excellent and mad PR skills hit her up at

Now Ima go have a turkey sandwich.



78030cookie-checkMy New Diet The Adella Diet

My New Diet The Adella Diet

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  1. That sounds like a good sandwhich right about now.
    I think Nick East might become one of the Officers for The United Adult workers Union of America pretty quick here.
    Just stay sober at the meetings Nick and remember those bumbling No bodies on those Porn Blogs will ya!

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