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Kayden Kross in make up
Kaydem Kross Make Up

Kayden Kross sent me this photo and I suggested it would be good for a caption the photo post.  Yes that’s Kayden, the circumstances surrounding the photo are irrelevant.

I will start things off with a few of my own:

“That’s the LAST time I hire a makeup artist off of Craigslist.”

“Only YOU can prevent forest fires.”

and my personal best:

“Excuse me sir, do you know anything about lighting a gas stove?”

OK Have at it



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Caption this Photo

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15 Responses

  1. See kids, this is what happens when you don’t wear a condom. Lets all thank Ms Bangkock for stopping by and sharing this valuable lesson. Oh come on…it was kind of funny. No?

  2. The FSC responds to rumors of an unusual STD outbreak in Porn Valley that turns you into a Zombie, saying there is absolutely nothing to worry about.

  3. Friends do not let pretty friends get turn in ugley friends in make up chair.

  4. Kayden..I tried warned you about not sitting on the back of Mike South’s motorbike.
    *Everyone* knows that Mike has those really icky cooties…now look at what you’ve done to yourself!

    New stage name…”Kayden Kooties”??

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