Why oh why must we struggle for intimacy?

Why must we struggle so with it? Why, Damn It, is something so God given so HARD? But it is within our grasp, isn’t it? Painfully so. 

It must have been the excess under the cloud, the cloud and doubt of future. The wonderful lovers, providers, before us earned life. They earned His attention, we were too busy getting high, having fun. And we have to take so much time dealing with the providers, our parents, those of us who knew them.

Can we get paid for this? They sure knew their reward, had confidence. They were paid, reward.Will we be redeemed? Forgiven? Will our knees stop aching? Have we done enough? Have I? 

Yeah, I know…

Some of us didn’t and don’t know them at all, our parents, even if we are with them daily. They can be strangers can’t they?I believe in very few THINGS, fewer people. None of them in positions, control, or influence. They are after all, people.

 So here we are. It ain’t so bad. Love one and the other. Love them fully, with at least a little bit of your heart, and put on some jazz, lite up. IT’S OKAY, you’ve been through a bunch, exhale. I miss ya’ and know you miss us too. You written lately and it’s good, but you’re stressed. It’s okay, you’re gonna be all right… Really, you are going to be okay, you are loved, even if you don’t feel it.

I love you.

Take it Ella, swing it…

21340cookie-checkWhy oh why must we struggle for intimacy?

Why oh why must we struggle for intimacy?

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