Why is Everyone So Concerned About the Dog?

I have gotten a mailbox full of responses to the post about the Columbia Missouri TWAT team, yes I said TWAT Team.

Most were concerned about the dogs

The fucking dogs?

One porn chick was in tears over…the dogs….

Now look, I am not cruel or mean to animals, I love them and they love me but the real damage done in Columbia Missouri was not to the dogs (though I agree that the dogs might differ in that assessment.)

The real damage done was the damage done to society when we allow police to behavel ike this, politicians that pass the laws that these police were upholding, and judges who rubber stamp search warrants.

The real damage was done to Mr Whitworth, his wife and most importantly his children.  how do you think they will view the police now?  What do you think will happen should they grow up and be elected to public office (hey we can hope cant we)

And now the city is having meetings to determine if the officers acted properly….WHAT?

Hell no they didn’t act properly, but neither did the judge who signed that warrant, nor did the prosecutor who asked for it, it’s easy to make the officers the scapegoats but the real responsibility is much further up…The real responsibility, ultimately lies with the voters, the government loving boot lickers who vote these asshats into office and allow them to make criminals out of everyone, so that they have as much control over us as they can get.

Please God, let me be a juror on a case like this someday.

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Why is Everyone So Concerned About the Dog?

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6 Responses

  1. read about cheye calvo
    I quote : On July 29, 2008, a SWAT team from the Sheriff’s Office, agents of the State of Maryland, executing a search warrant and assisting the separate County Police, conducted a raid on the home of Berwyn Heights Mayor Cheye Calvo. The raid was initiated after the Mayor brought a package delivered by the SWAT team into his home. A drug-sniffing dog in Arizona had determined that the package—addressed to the Mayor’s wife—contained marijuana (later determined to have contained 32 pounds). While taking control of the residence, Sheriff’s deputies shot Calvo’s two pet Labrador retrievers, including one who was cited by Calvo to be running away from officers.[4] Calvo and his mother-in-law were handcuffed and questioned for several hours, with Calvo wearing just underwear.[5]”

    It turns out it wasnt his, these drug dealers would send the package to peoples house then get it before they got home. The judge just gave the ok for him to sue the police for the murder of his two dogs.

  2. the problem there is that from a legal standpoint, pets are property and as such a suit can only be in the amount required to replace the animals.

    lets say you paid 600 dollars for a dog, 600 dollars is the most you could collect in a suit.

    There are some legal issues here to be sure, for example if Michael Vicks dogs were his property legally he should be able to fight them, not saying its right but thats how it is.

    animals cant get punitive damages although it hasnt happened to my knowledge it would seem to me that there may be an argument for punitive damages to the owner but its an uphill battle.

    In Thailand for all but the most eggregious warrants police simply knock on your door if you dont answer they keep coming back until you do, simple possession would not be enough for them to force entry. It used to be like that here, a mans home should be his castle and very very few crimes should warrant forced entry

  3. Well, from a very dark perspective, the dead in situations like this are lucky. You’re right, it’s the survivors who witness the atrocities and then watch as no one is held accountable who truly suffer. The dogs probably died quickly. The kids will be lucky if they can ever make sense of what happened to their loved ones (pets and parents) and their lives. They’ll be lucky if they are intelligent enough to decipher their feelings and not take it out senselessly on someone else, including themselves, in the future.

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